The Technopriests

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The Technopriests
Publication information
FormatLimited series
Publication dateApril 1998 – September 2006
No. of issues8
Creative team
Written byAlejandro Jodorowsky
Artist(s)Zoran Janjetov
Colorist(s)Fred Beltran

The Technopriests is an eight-issue comic book limited series created by writer Alejandro Jodorowsky, artist Zoran Janjetov, and colorist Fred Beltran.


The Technopriests follows three plots: The first follows Albino, as Supreme Technopriest, as he leads 500,000 young technopriests to the promised galaxy and the obstacles that they encounter along the way. During this time Albino also narrates, in the form of dictating his memoirs, the other two plots: his rise to the position of Supreme Technopriest and the experiences of his family during that same time period.


Albino is an old man, recording his memories in the spaceship where he navigates through space with his pet Tinigrifi, leading 500,000 young technopriests to the promised galaxy. His story begins when a spaceship of pirates attack on the sacred asteroid where Panepha, a young virgin destined to become oracle of the Imperial Palace, lived. The pirates rape Panepha and she gives birth to three children: Almagro, Albino and Onyx. Onyx is rejected by her mother, who creates and leads the Great Kamenvert Factory. But Albino doesn't like making cheese, he wants to be a videogame creator. With some reluctance, his mother sends him to Don Mossimo, the director of a technopriest training school. There he begins his journey to become Supreme Technopriest and start a new society, where human relationships will be valued more highly than scientific advances.


The future Supreme Technopriest and the narrator of the series.
Albino's lifelong companion and co-narrator.
Former priestess and mother of Almagro, Albino, and Onyx.
Albino's older brother and the most-favored child of Panepha.
Albino's younger sister and the least-favored child of Panepha.


The Technopriests was originally released in 8 issues:

  • The Technopriests #1: Techno Pre-School
  • The Technopriests #2: Nohope Penitentiary School
  • The Technopriests #3: Planeta Games
  • The Technopriests #4: Halkattraz
  • The Technopriests #5: The Sect of the Techno-Bishops
  • The Technopriests #6: The Secrets of the Techno-Vatican
  • The Technopriests #7: The Perfect Game
  • The Technopriests #8: The Promised Galaxy

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