The Teenage Psychic

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The Teenage Psychic
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Genre Supernatural
Written by Chen He Yu
Liao Zhen Kai
Li Ting Yu
Lin Meng Huan
Directed by Chen He Yu
Starring Kuo Shu-yao
Kent Tsai
Akio Chen
Ending theme "Untitled Daily" 無題日常 by Mu Liang Zhen Zhen
Composer(s) Wen Zi Jie, Yang Wan Qian
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
Taiwanese Hokkien
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s)
  • Jonathan Spink (HBO Asia)
  • Erika North
  • Shi Yue Wen (PTS)
  • Francis Smith (IFA Media)
Producer(s) Chen Wei Ru, Liu Yu Xuan
Production location(s)
Cinematography Chen Ke Qin
Editor(s) Lin Kai En
Running time 50 minutes
Production company(s) Infocus Asia PTE. LTD. (IFA Media)
Original network PTS
HBO Asia
Picture format
  • SDTV (HBO)
First shown in
Original release April 2 (2017-04-02) – April 30, 2017 (2017-04-30)
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The Teenage Psychic (Chinese: 通靈少女; pinyin: tōng líng shào nǚ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: thong-lêng siàu-lí) is a 2017 Taiwanese television miniseries. It is an adaptation of Chen He Yu's 2013 short film The Busy Young Psychic (神算). It stars Kuo Shu-yao, Kent Tsai, Akio Chen, Alina Zheng and Sylvia Hsieh . Filming began on July 19, 2016. First original broadcast began on April 2, 2017 on PTS, airing every Sunday night at 9:00-9:50 pm in Taiwan. On HBO Asia, the series airs every Sunday night at 10:00 pm in 23 countries of Asia.[1][2][3]


Xie Ya Zhen is a high school student who is born with psychic abilities. At night, she works at the temple as a Xian-gu (仙姑) to help believers.


Main cast[edit]

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Tiger Wang as Huang Xin Ren
  • Lin He-xuan as Lin Bao Ming
  • Hong Qun-jun as Hong Jun Bao
  • Xiang Cheng-yu as Chen Meng Da
  • Zhang Wei as Zhang Wei
  • Lin Si-ting as Lin Si Ting
  • Ye Zi-yan as Teacher Zhu
  • Li Ying-hong as Ah Hong
  • Wu Hong-xiu as Ah Xiu



  • Untitled Daily 無題日常 by Mu Liang Zhen Zhen
  • Never Come Back 不曾回來過 by Lee Chien-na

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award ceremony Category Recipients Result
52nd Golden Bell Awards Best Miniseries The Teenage Psychic Won
Best Leading Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film Kuo Shu-yao Nominated
Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film Lee Chien-na Won
Best Newcomer in a Miniseries or Television Film Kent Tsai Nominated
Best Directing for a Miniseries or Television Film Chen Ho-yu Nominated
Best Writing for a Miniseries or Television Film Lee Ting-yu, Chen Ho-yu, Lin Meng-huan, Liao Zhen-kai Nominated


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