The Teg

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The Teg
Country England
Counties Berkshire
Districts / Boroughs Burghfield Parish
Villages Burghfield Common
 - location Burghfield Common, Berkshire, United Kingdom
 - elevation 90 m (295 ft)
 - coordinates 51°23′46″N 1°04′08″W / 51.396°N 1.069°W / 51.396; -1.069
Mouth Foudry Brook
 - location Pingewood, Berkshire, United Kingdom
 - elevation 40 m (131 ft)
 - coordinates 51°25′01″N 0°59′42″W / 51.417°N 0.995°W / 51.417; -0.995Coordinates: 51°25′01″N 0°59′42″W / 51.417°N 0.995°W / 51.417; -0.995

The Teg is a small stream in southern England, in the county of Berkshire. It rises close to the Willink School in the West of Burghfield Common, in the county of Berkshire. The stream gently winds its way through the heart of Burghfield Common and forms an important wildlife corridor within the village.[1] From its source it runs northeast through a local woodland, Scratchface Copse, past Pondhouse Farm, and onwards towards Burghfield Village. Here it runs east for a while, skirting south of Burghfield Manor and St.Marys Church before returning northeast towards Pingewood. It is diverted just south of Amners farm, in managed agricultural drainage channels, to run east for a while, and skirting below Amner's Wood, before returning to its more usual meandering course north-eastwards. It joins the Foudry Brook just to the north of Hartley Court Farm and just below the M4 motorway.


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