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This article is about the Indian newspaper. For other uses of "The Telegraph", see The Telegraph (disambiguation).
The Telegraph
The Telegraph (Kolkata)
Telegraph india.750.jpg
The 20 August 2013 front page of
The Telegraph (Calcutta)
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) ABP Group
Editor Aveek Sarkar
Founded 7 July 1982
Political alignment Independent[1]
Language English
Headquarters 6, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Kolkata-700001, West Bengal, India
Circulation 472,250 Daily[2] (as of December 2013)
Sister newspapers Anandabazar Patrika </bn>Ebela
OCLC number 271717941

The Telegraph is an Indian daily newspaper founded and continuously published in Kolkata (Calcutta) since 7 July 1982. It is published by the ABP Group and the newspaper vies with The Times of India for the position of having the widest circulation of any newspaper in Eastern India.

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, it has a circulation of 472,250 copies as of December 2013.[2] The newspaper is the fourth most-widely read English newspaper in India (after Times of India, Hindustan Times and The Hindu) with a readership of 1,275,000 according to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2012.[3]

The Telegraph mainly published from Eastern India is noted for its extensive coverage of Indian foreign policy and its focused reporting on India's troubled North-East. The Telegraph is also published from Guwahati and Jorhat (for entire North-East), Siliguri (for North Bengal and Sikkim), Patna, Jamshedpur and Ranchi (for Jharkhand), Bhubaneswar (for Odisha).[4] The Telegraph comes with six editions Calcutta edition, South Bengal edition, North Bengal edition, Northeast edition (Guwahati and Jorhat splits), Jharkhand edition (Jamshedpur and Ranchi splits) and Odisha edition.[5]


The Telegraph was founded on 7 July 1982. The designer director of Sunday Times, London Edwin Taylor designed the newspaper provided a standard in design and editing. In 31 years, it has become the largest circulated English daily in the eastern region published from Kolkata. In 1982, M. J. Akbar, the current editorial Director of India Today, used to edit and design the daily newspaper; thus it had a major impact on newspaper journalism in India.

The Telegraph is published by media group Ananda Publishers closely associated with ABP Pvt. Ltd; the group also published Anandabazar Patrika (a Bengali language newspaper) since 13 March 1922.[6] Apart from newspapers the group even published Bengali and English periodicals like Anandamela, Unish-Kuri, Sananda, Anandalok, Desh magazine', The Telegraph in Schools and Career.

BusinessWorld, which was initially part of the ABP group, has been sold to Anurag Batra, of Exchange4Media and Vikram Jhunjhunwala, an investment banker for an undisclosed amount.[7]

The Telegraph still uses "Calcutta" rather than "Kolkata" in its mastheads.

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The Sunday edition includes Graphiti, a 32-page coloured magazine which includes features on celebrities, food, art, technology, etc. At the beginning of each year, a "Home" magazine is also included.

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