The Tempestt Bledsoe Show

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The Tempestt Bledsoe Show
Starring Tempestt Bledsoe
Country of origin United States
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Syndicated
Original release 1995 – 1996

The Tempestt Bledsoe Show (also called Tempestt) is an American daytime talk show presented by Tempestt Bledsoe[1][2] which aired from 1995 to 1996.[3]


The series was a lighter take on another talk show that was produced Columbia/Tri-Star at the time, Ricki Lake, and as such focused on issues like relationships, family issues, and the topics of the day. Interestingly enough, the series also aired on a majority of stations that also aired Ricki as a way to capitalize on attracting young adult and urban viewers, given Bledsoe and Lake being in their 20s. However, even with or without Lake's program as a lead-in or lead-out, Tempestt failed to win viewers over and was cancelled by June 1996.


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