The Templars and the Assassins

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The Templars and the Assassins: The Militia of Heaven is a non-fiction book written by James Wasserman[1] and published in 2001 by Inner Traditions International. The book is a cumulative summary of the Knights Templar and the Nizari Hashshashin (Assassins), and also gives a brief chapter on secret and occult societies.

The book consists of a preface, 4 parts, 26 chapters, 2 appendixes, a bibliography, and an index. The Preface is an introduction to occult and secret societies; Part 1 is a description of the political and religious reasons throughout Europe for the crusades; Part 2 is mainly concerning the Hashshashin; Part 3 is mainly concerning The Knights Templar; and Part 4 is the "aftermath".[2][3][4] The book has received mostly good reviews.


The book received mixed reception leaning more towards positive. Some reviews stated that the book relied heavily on dry facts, making it hard to read, and captured in the authors biased opinion at the beginning and the end.[5] At the same time, it is generally agreed that the book holds a well-researched galore of sources and provides very informative perspective on both Nizari Shiite sect of Islam and the Templar Knights.[6] The book showed enough topical relevancy and expertise to be used as a reference itself in for several theological, geo-political and conspiracy works.[7]


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