The Temporal Void

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The Temporal Void
The temporal void hamilton.jpg
Hardcover edition cover
AuthorPeter F. Hamilton
Cover artistJim Burns
CountryUnited Kingdom
SeriesThe Void Trilogy
GenreScience fiction
Publication date
3 October 2008
Media typePrint, E-book
Pages746 (Hardcover)
Preceded byThe Dreaming Void 
Followed byThe Evolutionary Void 

The Temporal Void is a science fiction novel by British writer Peter F. Hamilton, the second in his The Void Trilogy. It was released on 3 October 2008.[1] The events in the book follow on from those in The Dreaming Void. It is followed by The Evolutionary Void.


The Temporal Void picks up after The Dreaming Void.

The Void was created by the Firstlife—the first beings to have existed in the galaxy—to reach the state of post-physical fulfilment. It is where Makkathran is situated. The people in the Void have psychic abilities such as "farsight" and the "third hand". The Void requires a tremendous amount of energy to sustain itself and the abilities it offers, which it acquires by expanding, consuming planets and star systems and converting them into energy.

The Anomine is a race of alien beings who have reached post-physical status. They spread to many star systems in their prime. During this age, they discovered the Prime aliens and the threat they pose. They borrowed two DFspheres from the Raiel to generate the barriers around Dyson Alpha and Beta, the two star systems the Prime aliens inhabit, and confine them there (see Commonwealth Saga). By the start of the Void trilogy, most of the Anomine have already become post-physical, while some still live on their homeworld, living a life without the use of technology.

The human race has spread to many star systems which are named the Greater Commonwealth. There are Inner Worlds, where most—if not all—of the citizens are "Higher humans"—humans who utilise biononics. Biononics enable the human body to essentially live forever as they rejuvenate the human body on a constant basis. Almost every human has a memory cell insert which records every piece of information stored in the owner's brain. In the event of bodyloss (death), this data can be downloaded into a clone of the original human, effectively eliminating death. Using so called secure stores, this data can even be stored in a second facility. If the memory cell is lost re-life is still possible, although without an uninterrupted continuity (a "restore" from a memory cell usually enables a clone to know how he died).

ANA:Governance forms the government of Earth. ANA (Advanced Neural Activity Network) is a super computer/sentient intelligence/edifice embodied on and around Earth. Humans are able to download their consciousness into ANA, where they gain vastly expanded mentalities. Farther away from Earth are the External Worlds, which are somewhat less technologically advanced. The Living Dream Faction live as if they were on Makkathran (inside the void). Their clothing follows Makkathran style and fashion. The goal of Living Dream is to travel to and live in the Void. The Development of the gaiafield, the so-called uniform neural entanglement effect, by Ozzie, allowed Inigo to broadcast his Dreams to everyone connected to the gaiafield. By connecting to Edeard, he is able to see aspects of Edeard's life on Makkathran and gifts them to everyone. According to Ozzie, the gaiafield was meant to be used only for people to express their emotions for others to see; its use has been perverted by Inigo.


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