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The Tetley
The Tetley 4 August 2018 1.jpg
Coordinates53°47′32″N 1°32′23″W / 53.792093°N 1.5397462°W / 53.792093; -1.5397462
Visitors484,491 (2018)
FounderPippa Hale and Kerry Harker (Project Space Leeds)
DirectorBryony Bond (Creative Director)

The Tetley, is a contemporary art gallery based to the south of the centre of Leeds, England, on the site for the former Tetley's Brewery. The gallery was opened on Friday 28 November 2013.[1]

The Tetley[edit]

Welcome to the Tetley
Interior showing Art Deco style
The company board room, still preserved

The gallery's opening was part of a multimillion-pound redevelopment of the former site of the Tetley Brewery in Leeds. The owners, Carlsberg-Tetley has ceased ale and beer production at the site in 2011, and most of the buildings on the land were razed and the site given over to a new housing development.

However, the historic original headquarters of Tetley's was retained to provide commercial office space and, in 2013, space to rehouse an existing contemporary art space operating in Leeds, called Project Space Leeds. Upon its move into the former Tetley headquarters, Project Space Leeds was renamed The Tetley, and took on the specific brief of operating as an equivalent in Leeds to the Cornerhouse in Manchester and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.[1]

The refurbishment of the building for the arts centre was overseen by the co-directors of Project Space Leeds, Pippa Hale and Kerry Harker, and Chris Walker of Esh Construction, with partial funding from the Arts Council England.[2]

In January 2016 Bryony Bond, a former curator at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester was appointed the new Creative Director of The Tetley.[3]

The Tetley art space has a lease on the building until 2023.[4]


The Tetley's opening exhibitions involved a number of artists responding to the history and space of the new building under the general title 'A New Reality'. This included James Clarkson (29 November 2013 to 16 February 2014), Emma Rushton (29 November 2013 to 12 January 2014), Derek Tyman (29 November 2013 to 12 January 2014), Simon Lewandowski (24 January to 28 February 2014), Sam Belinfante (24 January to 28 February 2014), and Rehana Zaman (29 November 2013 to 1 July 2014).[5]

In 2015 an exhibition was held, titled 'Painting in Time', looking at contemporary painting and its relationship to other media used by artists, including work by artists such as Yoko Ono, Natasha Kidd, Claire Ashley, Jessica Warboys and Polly Appleborn.[6]

An exhibition staged at the Tetley in 2016 recreated a controversial exhibition by the Cypriot artist Stass Paraskos, originally held in Leeds in 1966. Entitled 'Lovers and Romances' the original show at the Leeds Institute Gallery was closed down by the police and the artist charged with displaying obscene and corrupting images under the Vagrancy Acts of 1824 and 1838. The exhibition at the Tetley marked the fiftieth anniversary of the original Paraskos Trial.[7]

Also in 2016, the Tetley staged a solo exhibition of work by the London-based sculptor Jonathan Trayte, comprising vegetables and fruits made of ceramic and other sculptural materials, entitled 'Polyculture'.[8]

At the end of 2016, going into 2017, The Tetley held an exhibition of Lecture, Dialogue and Demonstration with the launch of The Scientific Method. Featuring the works of Amelia Crouch, Patricia Esquivias, Sian Robinson Davies, Liz Magic Laser, Kate Liston and Yuri Pattison, alongside drawings by KP Brehmer and works by John Latham, Semiconductor and John Smith presented in association with LUX.

The first exhibition saw the works of Barcelona based artist Dora Garcia in These Books Were Alive; They Spoke To Me. Her first institutional solo show in the UK, the exhibition coincided with the 20th Leeds International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair, held annually at The Tetley site since 2014.

The summer show in 2017 saw an exhibition combining contemporary art of Jessie Flood-Paddock and works by celebrated 20th century, the late Kenneth Armitage. In 2013, Flood-Paddock was awarded the Kenneth Armitage Fellowship, which enabled her to live and work in Armitage’s studio for two years. During her residency, Flood-Paddock became interested in Armitage’s work on oak trees produced between 1975 and 1986.

The launch of the 50 Years of Leeds West Indian Carnival saw the largest turnout yet. Exploring and celebrating the legacy of the Leeds West Indian Carnival with a mix of cultural, aesthetic and political displays including costume, film, sound and ephemera. Curated by Sonya Dyer, the exhibition reflected two journeys at the heart of the story of Leeds Carnival: the journey of carnival from its West African roots to Leeds via the Caribbean, and the journey of Leeds Carnival from humble beginnings to the highlight in Leeds’ cultural calendar it is today.

Your Consequences Have Actions was Saelia Aparicio’s first major exhibition in a public gallery in the UK, bringing together newly commissioned works made especially for The Tetley with a selection of existing works, shown alongside several drawings and sculptures from the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection at the Whitworth, The University of Manchester. The exhibition saw many sculptural pieces and a film, all displaying the body as a malleable source of wonder and horror for Aparicio. For her it is simultaneously a mask, a costume to be worn, and a changing, ever moving form shaped by ageing and disease.

The current exhibitions at The Tetley are: These Silences are all the Words by Madiha Aijaz, In the City of Lost Times by Mahbub Jokhio and The House That Heals the Soul co-curated by CCA Glasgow and Nick Thurston. Jokhio and Aijaz's exhibitions are a co-commission with the Karachi Biennale, and is a part of the New North and South; a three-year programme of activity across eleven arts organisations from the North of England and South Asia.


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