The Thin White Line

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"The Thin White Line"
Family Guy episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 1
Directed by Glen Hill
Written by Steve Callaghan
Production code 2ACX17
Original air date July 11, 2001
Guest appearance(s)



Episode chronology
← Previous
"Fore, Father"
Next →
"Brian Does Hollywood"
Family Guy (season 3)
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"The Thin White Line" is the first episode of the third season of the animated comedy series Family Guy. This episode was originally produced for season 2. It originally aired on Fox in the United States on July 11, 2001. The episode features Brian after he joins the police force to sniff out drugs, but eventually becomes addicted to hard drugs, and soon finds himself in a downward spiral after attempting to confront his newfound drug addiction. The episode is notable for being Family Guy's first two-part episode, the other part being "Brian Does Hollywood" which aired the following week.

The episode was written by Steve Callaghan and directed by Glen Hill. The episode featured guest performances by Carlos Alazraqui, Thomas Dekker, June Foray, Leif Garrett, Haley Joel Osment, Nicole Sullivan and Wally Wingert, along with several recurring guest voice actors for the series.[1]


At a company picnic, Mr. Weed, Peter's boss, announces a competition in which he will hunt down the employees with tranquilizer darts. After being shot multiple times by the tranquilizers, but still managing to stay conscious, Peter is the last one standing in the competition and wins a one-week paid vacation. As the family gets ready to go on a cruise, Joe recognizes the strength of Brian's nose and offers him a job as a police dog to look for drugs. Later, the cops go to the airport, where Brian sniffs out a bystander who is secretly carrying cocaine, furthering Brian's reputation. Brian, however, accidentally inhales the cocaine after busting the criminal and becomes addicted.

Later after busting a group of midgets posing as Sunday school children, Brian's addiction steadily grows worse, until he finally attacks a man at the airport trying to find "the stash", and is kicked off the police force when nothing is found. He returns home that night with a hooker named Tina and terrorizes the rest of the family before spending the rest of the night out. The next morning, while the Griffins hold an intervention with Brian's psychiatrist, Brian has an emotional breakdown. They eventually decide to send Brian to a rehab center by using their vacation time. Peter, however, decides to join Brian at the center because he could not go on vacation. Peter thinks the rehab center is a hotel, so he spends his time drinking beer and acting goofy, even though Brian reminds him that he is in rehab for drugs. Peter causes unrest among the surrounding patients by playfully removing a female patient's bikini top during a pool meditation session. Later, Peter convinces Brian to cause mischief at the teen pregnancy center across from the rehab clinic causing fourteen premature births in pregnant teens after the hand-in warm-water joke backfires, whilst giving fake drugs to another in exchange for food. Ultimately, the manager accuses Peter of being Brian's "x-factor", the reason he was a cocaine addict, and a disgusted Brian defends him and declares that he overcame his addiction.

After leaving the center, Brian stuns the family when he announces that he is leaving. Though appalled by this, no one attempts to stop him. Although Stewie runs out the house after Brian leading Brian to hold his cab, Stewie just spits in Brian's face before Brian directs the cab to bring him to the airport. This sets the stage for the second part to the episode, "Brian Does Hollywood", where Brian decides to pursue the life of a filmmaker.[1][2]


A man with brown hair, leans forward slightly while speaking into a microphone.
Steve Callaghan wrote the episode.

The episode was written by future showrunner Steve Callaghan, and was directed by Glen Hill, who left the series after the completion of the episode.[3]

This episode was originally intended to air as the second season finale, with the next episode opening the third season; Fox's shuffling of the show's schedule prevented this from happening as planned.[4]

In addition to the regular cast, comedian and voice actor Carlos Alazraqui, actor Thomas Dekker, actress June Foray, actor Leif Garrett, actor Haley Joel Osment, voice actress Nicole Sullivan and voice actor Wally Wingert guest starred in the episode. Recurring guest voice actors Mike Henry, Danny Smith, and Patrick Warburton also made minor appearances.

The episode was also the first appearance of the Greased Up Deaf Guy, voiced by Mike Henry. The character appears at Peter's company picnic, running away from Peter and his fellow employees.


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