The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked – Chronicle

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目をそらした瞬間 -the thing which solomon overlooked- chronicle
Boris Solomon Chronicle.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedMarch 20, 2013 (2013-03-20)
Recorded2004, 2006, 2013
GenreDrone, ambient
LabelDaymare Recordings
Boris chronology
Attention Please
目をそらした瞬間 -the thing which solomon overlooked- chronicle

目をそらした瞬間 -the thing which solomon overlooked- chronicle is a 4-disc compilation album by the Japanese experimental band Boris. It was released exclusively in Japan on March 20, 2013 through Daymare Recordings,[1] collecting three previously released volumes as well as a newly recorded volume in the same style. This is currently the only way to get any of the volumes on CD.

The fourth volume was released separately on vinyl in a cardboard box designed to hold the previously released vinyl volumes.

"a bao a qu" is also the title of another, seemingly unrelated track that appears in several different forms: one used for a single and video compilation; another for Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura"; and yet another for Boris / Variations + Live in Japan. "No Ones Grieve Part 2" was reused with additional vocals on Smile.

Track listing[edit]

目をそらした瞬間 -The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked-
1."Scene 2"10:49
2."a bao a qu"7:56
3."見せ続ける死角 -The Dead Angle Which It Continues Showing-"20:00
Total length:38:45
目をそらした瞬間 -The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 2-
1."カレハテタサキ -No Ones Grieve Part 2-"8:52
2."Dual Effusion"11:06
3."無残の涙 -Merciless-"14:27
4."もう一枚の残像 -An Another After Image-"3:24
Total length:37:49
目をそらした瞬間 -The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 3-
2."思い出せないこと -Dimly Tale-"3:23
3."カレハテタサキ -No Ones Grieve Part 1-"7:25
4."Sola Stone"13:13
Total length:41:35
目をそらした瞬間 -The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra-
1."一秒の長さ -Length of Eternity-"5:00
2."ケモノピーク -Kemono Peak-"4:10
3."Howl Part 1"5:28
4."宴 -Unritual-"5:26
6."ディスチャージ -Grave New World-"5:34
7."Howl Part 2"7:25
Total length:39:33


  • Takeshi – Vocals, guitar and bass
  • Wata – Guitar, echo, keyboards
  • Atsuo – Drums and percussion
  • Michio Kurihara – Guitar on track "Howl Part 2"
  • Seiichiruo Morikawa – Vocals on tracks "Howl Part 1" and "Howl Part 2"
  • Nene & Nana – Vocals on track "Howl Part 1"
  • Souichiro Nakamura – Mastering, remastering (all); mixing (vol 1)
  • Fangsanalsatan – Recording (all); mixing (volumes 2-4)