The Thirsty Traveler

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The Thirsty Traveler
Maroon thirsty stamp logo.png
Created by Susan Cardinal
Starring Kevin Brauch
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 58
Running time approx. 21m
Original release 2002 – 2006
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The Thirsty Traveler, hosted by Kevin Brauch, is a weekly journey into the heart of the world's greatest wine, beer, and spirit producing regions. Each episode explores the land, people, production, companies, customs, traditions, food, and stories connected with the alcoholic beverage that a region is known for.

The Thirsty Traveler was created by Susan Cardinal and produced by Grasslands Entertainment.


Season 1[edit]

Episode # Title Production code
101"Scottish Whisky"FLTHR-101
102"French Champagne"FLTHR-102
103"Irish Stout"FLTHR-103
104"Belgian Beer"FLTHR-104
105"Kentucky Bourbon"FLTHR-105
106"Ontario Icewine"FLTHR-106
107"Mexican Tequila"FLTHR-107
108"Jamaican Rum"FLTHR-108
109"Sonoma County Wines"FLTHR-109
110"Japanese Sake"FLTHR-110
111"Greek Ouzo"FLTHR-111
112"Iceberg Vodka"FLTHR-112

Season 2[edit]

Episode # Title Production code
201"Ports of Pleasure"FLTHR-201
202"Grabba Grappa"FLTHR-202
203"Apple Cider House Rules"FLTHR-203
204"Gin Joint Jive"FLTHR-204
205"Bitters: The World's Best Kept Secret"FLTHR-205
206"Cachaca Ole!"FLTHR-206
207"Make It Schnappy"FLTHR-207
208"Chile's Best-kept Secret"FLTHR-208
209"Maple Liqueur"FLTHR-209
210"From Russia with Vodka"FLTHR-210
211"The Birthplace of Pilsner"FLTHR-211
212"Absolutely Aquavit"FLTHR-212
213"Alaskan Beer"FLTHR-213

Season 3[edit]

Episode # Title Production code
301"Fruit of Africa"FLTHR-301
302"Mysteries of Mezcal"FLTHR-302
303"Secrets of Soju"FLTHR-303
304"Victorious Vermouth"FLTHR-304
305"That's Whiskey With an "E," Boyo!"FLTHR-305
306"New Zealand's Sauvignon Blancs"FLTHR-306
307"The Green Fairy"FLTHR-307
308"The Best of Bitter Beer"FLTHR-308
309"Paradise Found"FLTHR-309
310"My Dear Madeira"FLTHR-310
311"Sparkling Wines of California"FLTHR-311
312"The Heartbreak Grape"FLTHR-312
313"The Sweet Scent of Sambuca"FLTHR-313

Season 4[edit]

Episode # Title Production code
401"Australia: Wines Down Under"FLTHR-401
402"A River of Whiskey"FLTHR-402
403"Pisco, the Spirit of Peru"FLTHR-403
404"England: Make it Mead!"FLTHR-404
405"The Thirsty Traveler: Behind the Scenes"FLTHR-405
406"Canada: Rye Whiskey Rocks!"FLTHR-406
407"Iceland: Of Vikings And Vodka"FLTHR-407
408"Germany: Prost! To German Beer!"FLTHR-408
409"Israel: An Old Testament to Wine"FLTHR-409
410"The Best of . . ."FLTHR-410
411"Cuba: Hurrah For Havana Rum!"FLTHR-411
412"Turkey--Livin' on Lion's Milk"FLTHR-412

Season 5[1][edit]

Episode # Title Production code
501"Amazing Andalucia - Spain's Sensational Sherry"TBA
502"Caribbean Liqueurs - Aruba and Curacao"TBA
503"Ice Vodka - Sweden and Lapland"TBA
504"A Devil of a Drink - Tazmania"TBA
505"A Feast From the Far East - Taiwan"TBA
506"Wine Travels - Worldwide"TBA
507"A Wale of a Brew - Wales"TBA
508"Story of the Cocktail - Worldwide"TBA


The Thirsty Traveler was broadcast on the following networks:

  • A&E Mundo
  • BBC Food
  • BBC Canada
  • Canal Évasion
  • Discovery Travel and Adventure Channel
  • The Cooking Channel
  • Food Network Canada
  • HBO Central Europe
  • Travel Channel
  • Travel Channel UK
  • National Geographic Channel
  • Discovery Civilization


The Thirsty Traveler was seen by an estimated audience in excess of 300 million viewers across six continents in over 70 countries around the world, including:

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