The Three Caballeros Ride Again

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"The Three Caballeros Ride Again"
Three Caballeros Ride Again.jpg
Story code D 2000-002
Story Don Rosa
Ink Don Rosa
Hero Donald Duck
Pages 28
Layout 4 rows per page
Appearances Donald Duck
Huey, Dewey and Louie
José Carioca
Panchito Pistoles
First publication 2000

"The Three Caballeros Ride Again" is a Disney comic by Don Rosa.


Donald Duck is driving his nephews to the Mexican Junior Woodchucks jamboree and they feel sorry for Donald because he does not have any friends.

José Carioca, an old friend of Donald's, is at the hotel where Donald is heading, flirting with a woman named Rosa. Her boyfriend, the bandit Alfonso Bedoya appears and tries to kill Josē, who jumps from the window into Donald's rumble seat. Alfonso tries to shoot them, but they escape. Donald and José remembering the old days, decide to teach Alfonso a lesson, but Donald takes a wrong turn and they find themselves lost in the desert.

They are being shot at by Panchito Pistoles, their old friend. Panchito explains that he found a map to the lost city of Tayopa, a silver mining city, which they find buried in lava except for the church's belfry. Because of his many treasure hunts with his rich uncle Scrooge McDuck, Donald is able to identify the church as the headquarters for the Tayopa silver mine, so the friends climb down and find wooden kegs of pure silver ingots in a secret store room. They carry it to a nearby village and put it on a train to the city of El Divisadero.

While the train is being loaded with mine carts our heroes enter a cantina where they meet Alfonso again. He was looking for Panchito because of his map. They perform a musical number, but get knocked off by Alfonso, who hijacks the train, but the caballeros use Donald's car to jump on the last flatcar. During their fight with Alfonso, the train engineer cuts them loose and they are on a runaway train on the worlds most dangerous railroad track.

Alfonso falls from the train right to the jail. The caballeros derail the silver kegs' flatcar and escape their fall to copper canyon in Donald's car. However, they find out that the kegs were not of silver after all, but mercury used to refine crushed ore and make it easy to remove from, so nothing of value was lost. They ride back to the hotel in Divisadero and perform a special act, which the nephews attend and are happy to see Donald with his old friends.

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