The Three Graces

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The term The Three Graces may refer to:

  • Theological virtues, specifically love, hope and charity
  • The Three Graces, a 1908 opera that opened at the Chicago Opera House and starred such performers as Trixie Friganza
  • The Three Graces (Три грации), a 1988 Russian opera parody composed by Vladimir Tarnopolsky
  • The Three Graces, a set of three historic buildings on the waterfront in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Pier Head, Liverpool, England
  • The Three Graces of Admin, three minor characters in the British situation comedy Campus.
  • "The Bachelor and Three Graces", a set of four sequoia trees growing with intertwined roots growing in Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park. Three of these trees ("The Three Graces") grow adjacent to one another and the fourth ("The Bachelor") at a small distance away.

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