The Three Robbers

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The Three Robbers
Directed byHayo Freitag
Written byHayo Freitag (screenplay adaptation)
Tomi Ungerer (book)
Achim von Borries (writer)
Bettine von Borries (writer)
Narrated byTomi Ungerer/Roger Jackson
Music byKenneth Pattengale
Edited byLars Jordan
Sascha Wolff
Animation X Gesellschaft zur Produktion von Animationsfilmen mbH
Release date
  • 18 October 2007 (2007-10-18)
Running time
75 minutes
LanguageGerman, English

The Three Robbers (Die Drei Rauber) is a full-length 2007 animated film adaption of the 1961 children's book by Tomi Ungerer, which was previously adapted as a 6-minute animated adaptation released in 1972 by Gene Deitch.[1] The film was released in America under the title of the Trick or Treaters, with the original material shortened and shoe-horned into a Halloween story.


Three brothers are very successful in their exploits as highwayman robbers: Dominik using his blunderbuss to intimidate coachmen and passengers, Felix using his pepper-blower to disorientate the horses, while their leader Maximus damages the carriage wheels with his axe. The Robbers intercepted a carriage one day, only to find a lonely girl named Tiffany, whose parents died and is being sent to live with a wicked aunt who runs an orphanage. Not wanting to go to the orphanage, Tiffany tricks the Robbers into believing she was the daughter of a maharaja, and is carried off to their hideout. While Tiffany makes the Robbers question what they intend to do with their amassed wealth, she helps them learn to read and write when they wanted to sent a ransom letter. The Robbers eventually learn Tiffany lied to them when they found her missing child poster. Tiffany is remorseful and leaves in shame to head to the orphanage.

Tiffany encounters two runaway orphans along the way to the orphanage. From them she learns that Auntie places the children in mandatory child labor to harvest sugar beets and extract the sugar for her pastry-making machine to make her desserts. After secretly entering the orphanage while the runways are captured, Tiffany exposes Auntie's pastry hoard to the other orphans. Auntie was about to punish Tiffany when the Robbers arrive, revealed to be runaway orphans themselves as they make amends with Tiffany. Auntie refuses to hand Tiffany over to the Robbers before falling into her pastry-making vat in a fit of insanity and is turned into a cake which the orphans eat. The Robbers then use their wealth to buy the orphanage, which becomes a haven for all uncared children; eventually growing into a large town with its residents revering the Robbers.


Voice cast[edit]

Character German English
Narrator Tomi Ungerer Roger Jackson
Tiffany Elena Kreil Taylor Bertman
Maximus Joachim Król Marc Graue
Dominik Charly Hübner Michael Sorich
Felix Bela B. Lex Lang
Auntie Katharina Thalbach Charity James
Policeman Michael Sorich
Coachman Erwin Leder Terrence Stone
Gregory Konstantin Seidenstücker Gabe Eggerling
Nikolas Maximilian Roca Jungfer Cole Stand
Children Paulette Victor Lifton


The film received the second prize for Animated Feature Film or Video in the Adult Jury Prizes at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival in 2007,[2] and in 2008 and 2009 was awarded first prizes and audience awards at film festivals in Hamburg (Germany), Paris, Bordeaux, Annecy (France), Poznan (Poland), Bilbao (Spain), Brussels, Ghent (Belgium), Bucharest (Romania), and Toronto. It received the audience Award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, 2008. Trick or Treaters DVD was released in September 6, 2016 in United States.


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