The Three Worlds Cycle

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The Three Worlds Cycle is a series of novels written by author Ian Irvine. The series comprises The View from the Mirror quartet, The Well of Echoes quartet, The Song of the Tears trilogy, and The Fate of the Children (working title) trilogy.

The Three Worlds[edit]

The "Three Worlds" after which the cycle is named are the three planets of:

The View from the Mirror[edit]

The View from the Mirror is a quartet:

The Well of Echoes[edit]

The Well of Echoes is a quartet:

The Song of the Tears[edit]

The Song of the Tears is a trilogy:

The Fate of the Children[edit]

The Fate of the Children was originally planned to be a single novel to finish off the series, but it was confirmed that it will be a trilogy on one of the final pages of Destiny of the Dead.

Irvine has stated that it is a prequel to The Well of Echoes, yet a sequel to The View from the Mirror. It has been confirmed by Irvine that the novels are to answer questions that are opened at the end of The Way Between the Worlds. Additionally, events at the end of Destiny of the Dead suggest that the new trilogy may be both a prequel and sequel to The Well of Echoes and The Song of the Tears.

Four characters from The View From the Mirror quartet are set to reappear in The Fate of the Children:

  • Karan
  • Llian
  • Maigraith
  • Shand

According to Irvine's Facebook page, the first book of the trilogy was scheduled to be released in November, 2015

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