The Thrill of the Skies

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The Thrill of the Skies
Directed by Giorgio Ferroni
Produced by Sandro Pallavicini
Written by Gian Paolo Callegari
Remigio Del Grosso
Domenico Paolella
Raoul Quattrocchi
Giorgio Ferroni
Starring Silvana Jachino
Mario Giannini
Mario Ferrari
Aldo Fiorelli
Music by Amedeo Escobar
Cinematography Vincenzo Seratrice
Edited by Giorgio Simonelli
Distributed by Cine Tirrenia
Release date
8 March 1940
Running time
98 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

The Thrill of the Skies (Italian:L'ebbrezza del cielo) is a 1940 Italian war film directed by Giorgio Ferroni and starring Silvana Jachino, Mario Giannini and Mario Ferrari. A group of aspiring young pilots in the city of Asiago construct a glider. After service in the Spanish Civil War, they return to a heroic reception in their home city.[1]

Much of the film was shot on location around Asiago. Although mostly filmed in black-and-white, the last few minutes are in Dufaycolor.[2] Ferroni had recently returned from Spain, where he had directed pro-Nationalist documentaries.[3]



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