The Tides (band)

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The Tides
Origin Magherafelt, Northern Ireland
Genres Indie
Alternative rock
Years active 2002–2007
Associated acts General Fiasco
Past members Paul McMillan
Paul Quinn
Owen Strathern
Stephen Leacock

The Tides was an Indie rock band best known as the predecessor to Northern Irish band General Fiasco. The band was formed in 2002 by Owen Srathern, who was to become General Fiasco's lead singer and bassist. The group included Paul McMillan as singer and guitarist, and Paul Quinn on drums. Later the band included a live guitarist Stephen Leacock, who went on to play drums General Fiasco. The group disbanded in 2007 due to the formation of General Fiasco.


The Tides formed in 2002. The 4 members went to the same school in Magherafelt in Northern Ireland. The band occasionally gigged at Magherafelt's sole rock bar. In 2006, they entered BBC's ATL Rock School and won. The band went on to release an album, play at small festivals, and also supported the Kaiser Chiefs and The Raconteurs. Towards the last months of the band, Strathern was not into the styles of music the band was doing, Strathern suggested bringing in the pop rock style of music into their songs but McMillan and Quinn were quick to say no. This led to the formation of General Fiasco which started off with Owen and his brother, Enda, writing some songs. They later recruited Stephen to play drums after The Tides had decided to call it a day when Strathern had undoubtedly drifted away from them. When asked in an interview, Strathern said the reason for his departure was that he wasn't in to the Oasis 'lad-rock' style that was going on.

Paul McMillan (Pepe) has gone on to great success with his own wedding band since the breaking up of The Tides and he is still regularly plagued during gigs to play some classic Tides songs such as, Happy Homecoming at a recent wedding he did in the Beech Hill Hotel in Derry.

Rumours within the underground music scene in Northern Ireland suggests that The Tides may be making somewhat of a return in Italy in June 2016, representatives of Mr McMillan and the original band members were unavailable for comment on the validity of these rumours.

Band members[edit]

  • Paul McMillan - Vocals and guitar
  • Owen Strathern - Bass and vocals
  • Paul Quinn - Drums

Live musicians[edit]

  • Stephen Leacock - Guitar and vocals


Studio albums[edit]


  • The Tides - 2004
  • On Our Way - 2005