The Time Travellers (Doctor Who novel)

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This article is about the Doctor Who book. For other uses, see Time traveler (disambiguation).
The Time Travellers
Time Travellers.jpg
Author Simon Guerrier
Series Doctor Who book:
Past Doctor Adventures
Release number
Subject Featuring:
First Doctor
Ian, Barbara and Susan
Set in Period between
Planet of Giants and The Dalek Invasion of Earth[1][2]
Publisher BBC Books
Publication date
November 2005
Pages 284
ISBN 0-563-48633-3
Preceded by World Game
Followed by Atom Bomb Blues

The Time Travellers is a BBC Books original novel written by Simon Guerrier and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan.

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  1. ^ The Doctor's Timeline at The Whoniverse gives support for this placement.
  2. ^ Cover blurb only specifies the Doctor's incarnation and companions.