The Together Party

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The Together Party
FounderMark Swivel
Founded4 April 2019; 2 years ago (2019-04-04)
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCentre-left
Colors  Purple &   Yellow
SloganRebuilding our Common Wealth

The Together Party was an Australian political party founded in 2018. It advocated policies to restore "Government in the public interest".[1]

Founder Mark Swivel is a lawyer, performer and writer based in Mullumbimby, New South Wales. He is the company secretary at Enova Energy, and an Ambassador for the microfinance non-profit Good Return.[2] He is one of the party's three candidates for senators to represent New South Wales at the 2019 Australian federal election.[3]


The Together Party was registered on 4 April 2019.[4] The 550 minimum initial membership requirement was met within a period of several weeks through word-of-mouth on social media.[citation needed]

The Together Party fielded three candidates to represent New South Wales in the Australian Senate at the 2019 Australian federal election: Mark Swivel,[5] Belinda Kinkead,[6] engineer, and Kate McDowell,[7] writer and performer. The party polled 6,127 votes, a total of 0.13% of the state's Senate vote.[8]

The party was deregistered on 30 June 2021 for failing to meet the requirements of having 500 members.[9]


The Together Party says it campaigns for the restoration of Government in the public interest, as a constructive force for positive change across Australian society.[10]


The Together Party says it has policies that aim to make three broad changes:[10]

  • Re-prioritise taxation and government spending to better invest in education, renewables, small business, health, and climate.
  • Bolster the people’s voice, agency for Indigenous Australians, NGOs, the arts, the representation of women in parliament, workers’ rights, and corporate social responsibility.
  • Build greater accountability in government through transparent governing (including dealings with businesses, consultants, lobbyists), strengthening the public service, re-nationalising failing NGO service providers, establishing anti-corruption and water allocation watchdogs, and moving Australia towards becoming a republic.


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