The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs

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The Top Secret Life Of Edgar Briggs was a 30-minute British television comedy series created by Bernard McKenna & Richard Laing and produced by Humphrey Barclay for LWT. It was transmitted on the ITV network 15 September - 20 December 1974 and featured David Jason as the inept Edgar Briggs, personal assistant to the Commander of the British Secret Intelligence Service[1] who, in spite of his cluelessness (and ineptness), manages to solve case after case. It has been likened to the earlier American series Get Smart.



Episode # Episode Title
1-01 A Dinner Date With Death
1-02 The Defector
1-03 The Leak
1-04 The Escape Route
1-05 The Traitor
1-06 The Abduction
1-07 The Exchange
1-08 The Courier
1-09 The KGB
1-10 The Drawing
1-11 The President
1-12 The Appointment
1-13 The Contact

DVD release[edit]

The Complete series box set will be released on 02/03/2015


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