The Torch (XM)

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The Torch
Ch hits the torch lg.png
Broadcast area Off-air
Branding The Torch
Frequency XM 31 (online only)
First air date 2001
Format Christian rock
Owner XM Satellite Radio
Website XM Radio

The Torch was a station on XM Satellite Radio's online service channel 31 that played Christian rock music. The Torch blended progressive Christian music.

Despite the Torch's time on XM, it's proven to be one of the platform's lesser performing channels. The Torch was not carried on the XM Radio Canada platform. In addition to this, the Torch had been pre-empted for Christmas music during the holidays. On April 17, 2006, the Torch's poor performance led to its removal from the XM satellites. The station was then only broadcast on XM Radio Online as well as on DirecTV on channel 829. The broadcast on DirecTV ended on July 15, 2008, leaving it an online service only.

On November 12, 2008, The Torch was removed from XM's online lineup as part of a restructuring by Sirius XM Radio.

Sirius Radio had a competing station named "Sirius Revolution" but while the production quality of that station was typically seen as better than The Torch[citation needed], that station was also removed in Sirius' new 2007 lineup on February 14.

In addition, Salem Communications' deal with XM has since expired, and sister station The Fish has been renamed to The Message. The Fish is a Salem trademark.

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