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The Total Picture Seminar, a California LLC, was formed by actor Martin Landau, director Mark Rydell, and screenwriter/playwright Lyle Kessler. The purpose is to educate actors, writers, and directors in the aspects of filmmaking. Martin Landau, Mark Rydell, and Lyle Kessler have worked together for many decades at The Actors Studio. They each bring industry experience, prestige, personal success, and a lifetime of teaching experience to this endeavor. The Seminar producer is Jeffry A. DeCola.


Writers submit five-minute scenes directed and staged for the camera by Mark Rydell working with a cinematographer. Actors are cast from the audience and coached by Martin Landau. The scene content is analyzed and discussed by Lyle Kessler. Clips from motion pictures that Landau, Rydell, and Kessler have been involved with are analyzed for acting, directing, and writing content.

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