The Tower at Stony Wood

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First edition cover
Author Patricia A. McKillip
Cover artist Kinuko Y. Craft
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date
May 1, 2000
Media type Print
Pages 304
ISBN 0-441-00733-3
Preceded by Song for the Basilisk
Followed by Ombria in Shadow

The Tower at Stony Wood is a 2000 fantasy novel by Patricia A. McKillip. It was a 2001 Nebula Award nominee.[1]


At the wedding of King Regis Aurum of Yves to Lady Gwynne, knight Cyan Dag of Gloinmere learns a terrible secret: his king is marrying an imposter, and the real Lady Gwynne is imprisoned within a tower in the magical land of Skye. As Cyan Dag begins his quest to free her, Thayne Ysse, the son of the defeated king of Ysse, sets of on his own search. To rebuild Ysse's army, Thayne searches for a tower of gold guarded by a dragon. In a third tower near the village of Stony Wood oblivious to her family's concern, Melanthos watches and embroiders a woman ensconced in her own tower. Cyan, Thayne, and Melanthos lives entangle and weave together, and it is only through helping each other that they are able to free themselves.


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