The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

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The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye
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Publication information
PublisherIDW Publishing
Publication dateJanuary 2012 – December 2016
No. of issues57 plus 1 One-shot
Creative team
Written byJames Roberts
Penciller(s)Alex Milne
Nick Roche
Inker(s)Joana Lafuente
Josh Burcham
Josh Perez
Letterer(s)Shawn Lee
Tom B. Long
Editor(s)John Barber
Carlos Guzman

The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye is a serialized comic series that is part of IDW Publishing's The Transformers. It takes its title from one of the taglines of the Transformers franchise, while the other was given to its companion series The Transformers: Robots in Disguise. The series follows the crew of the Lost Light, captained by Rodimus as they go on a quest to find the Knights of Cybertron, a group of Cybertronians from ancient history, hoping said Knights can make their society great again. The series is written by James Roberts, drawn by Alex Milne, and colored by Joana Lafuente. The series has been met with acclaim, and has been nominated for several awards.

The series ended at issue #57, to be relaunched as Transformers: Lost Light


After the events of one-shot Death of Optimus Prime, Rodimus forms a crew of Cybertronians to man a vessel known as the Lost Light, which soon sets out on a mission to learn what became of the legendary Knights of Cybertron after they departed their home planet. While Bumblebee and the other Autobots stayed on Cybertron. They encounter the D.J.D, Tarn aka Glitch, who recognised Deadlock who is Drift now has join the Autobots. Red Alert committed suicide in the oil reservoir. Luckily, Grapple and Rodimus noticed it. Meanwhile, in Swerve's bar, Swerve, Whirl, Ratchet etc. are talking about the events on Shadowplay while trying to fix Rung's brain. Rodimus informed Drift. Drift arrived in no time by realising in a shocked manner. Rodimus got furious and is going to question Cyclonus the only Decepticon in the Lost Light. Ultra Magnus, Rodimus and others watched Drift questioning Cyclonus. Drift pointed his sword at Cyclonus. Cyclonus smack Drift's sword away from him. Thankfully, Rodimus and Magnus stop the duo from fighting. Cyclonus admitted that he did not kill Red Alert. So, Rodimus asked First Aid and Ambulon to fix Red Alert. First aid told Rodimus that it was not Cyclonus who did it. Rodimus bid a farewell to red alert that he will be seeing Red alert a better version. Suddenly something happened in Swerve's bar. The alarm bell rang that they are going to war. Skids asked Rung a few questions and Rung replied. Skids was delighted. The Lost Light went to battle the Seacons. Meanwhile, at the Decepticon outpost, Nautilator and Blip were chatting until Blip heard Nautilator voice sounded like Megatron . They realised Whirl, Atomiser, Brawn etc. are here to destroy the outpost. Tailgate and Swerve watched how Magnus, Sunstreaker and the others fight with the cons. Drift sliced two Decepticons by using his swords, killing two members of the Seacons. Rodimus is almost near to his death when Snap Trap is about to kill him. But Snap Trap was however killed by Drift in the face. Meanwhile, Whirl, Cyclonus, Tailgate, Swerve and Rewind are where Nautilator is at. Whirl and Nautilator play a show. However, Nautilator was so unlucky that Whirl forgets how did Prime speak and Whirl just killed Nautilator in the face. Swerve asked Whirl if he has any weapon left. Whirl gave Swerve the Shroomer which Brainstorm created. Swerve don't get it why is it called the Shroomer. Swerve accidentally pressed the button to shoot. Causing himself to lose an eye. Tailgate is trying to defuse an leakage explosion but it is going to explode in a few seconds. Cyclonus and Rewind threw Tailgate out of the leakage area. And it exploded. Everybody from the Lost Light fall back and Rodimus informed everyone that their attack is a success. But some got serious injuries. Swerve was on air with Blaster as he was talking about what was his favourite experience in the Lost Light to Blurr. Ultra Magnus went to Swerve's and gave Swerve his medal. Overlord came on board as Drift was a former Decepticon called Deadlock. Overlord starts to kill characters like Pipes who was crushed by him and sacrificed his life. Magnus was also severely injured as Overlord destroyed his incubator. Overlord also got destroyed by Chromedome after seeing Rewind being held captive by Overlord. Overlord ended up with meeting Tarantulas. Drift quits the Lost Light and go for an adventure on his own. Magnus has landed safely on Luna 2 where chief justice Tyrest , Lockdown and Pharma stays. Tyrest brought Magnus to his medibay and changed his heart where his injured part is. After his heart has changed, Magnus finally awakened. He shouted Overlord and he realised that Tyrest was just directly in front of him. Tyrest gave him a punch. Tyrest and Magnus chatted until Magnus realised Tyrest is going to take away his armour. Minimus aka ultra magnus,saw his helmet and his armour. And he asked Tyrest who is going to take over him. Which was none other than Star Saber .

Minimus told Rodimus that he will talk to tyrest. Ratchet was awakened and fix but realising that First-aid and Ambulon were with Phrama and the legistators


Critical response[edit]

The series has been noted for its portrayal of Cybertronians in same sex relationships.[1]

Commercial performance[edit]

The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye: Physical sales per issue (in thousands)
Volume # Sales Diamond
1 1 15,340[2] 121
2 11,671 161


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