The Traveller (2009 film)

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The Traveller
The Traveller Poster.jpg
Directed by Ahmad Maher
Produced by Alberto Luna (producer)
Written by Ahmad Maher
Starring Omar Sharif
Khaled El Nabawy
Amr Waked
Cyrine Abdelnour
Sherif Ramzy
Alaa Morsy
Music by Fathi Salama (original music)
Cinematography Marco Onorato
Edited by Tamer Ezzat
Culture Development Fund
Egyptian Ministry of Culture
Maxus Production
Release date
Running time
125 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

The Traveller (Arabic: المسافر Al-Musafir) is an Egyptian film directed by Ahmed Maher. The story takes place in the course of three days of the life of Hassan, the octogenarian protagonist, played by Khaled El Nabawy as the young Hassan and Omar Sharif as the older Hassan. The three days of Hassan's life represents key events in modern Egyptian history: the first is the Nakba in 1948, the second is the 6th of October War in 1973, and the third is 9/11 in 2001.[1]


The characters of the film were portrayed by famous Egyptian and Lebanese actors including Omar Sharif, Khaled El Nabawy, Amr Waked, Cyrine Abdelnour, Sherif Ramzy, Basma Hassan and Alaa Morsy

Plot summary[edit]

Three crucial days in a Hassan's life. First day. Autumn 1948, Port Said, Hassan's first day at work when he receives a telegram and decides to meet the beautiful and thrill-loving Nura by impersonating her long-distant fiance. Hassan manages both to reach the cruise ship on which she is travelling and to charm her, until he impatiently rapes her and then accidentally sets the ship on fire. Second Day. Autumn 1973. Alexandria of Egypt. Hassan is in the city to meet Nadia, Nura's daughter, who is mourning her brother who has just died in a seaside accident. Hassan soon comes to believe he is Nadia's father, and helps engineer her marriage to a halfwit hanger-on. Third Day. Autumn 2001, Cairo. Hassan meets Alì, Nadia's son where he observes numerous similarities with the young man.[2]


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