The Treasure Seekers (1979 film)

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The Treasure Seekers
Directed by Henry Levin
Written by Rod Taylor
Walter Brough
Starring Rod Taylor
Stuart Whitman
Release dates
Country USA
Language English

The Treasure Seekers is a 1979 British-American action film directed by Henry Levin and starring Rod Taylor, Stuart Whitman and Elke Sommer. It was shot on location in Jamaica.[1]


Two former football players re-unite to search for the lost treasures of the Seventeenth century pirate Henry Morgan...



Rod Taylor wrote the script.[2] Filming took place in 1976 but the film only achieved a limited release a number of years later. There were a number of problems during the shoot and post production.[3]


The film was also released under the title Jamaican Gold.

The Treasure Seekers currently holds an average two and a half star rating (4.9/10) onIMDb.


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