The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire

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The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire
The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, 1915-1916.png
AuthorArnold Joseph Toynbee
Original titleThe Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire: Documents presented to Viscount Grey of Fallodon
CountryEngland, UK
PublisherHodder and Stoughton
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardcover)

The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire (often referred to as the Blue Book in Turkish sources [1]) is a book written by Viscount Bryce and Arnold J. Toynbee, first published in 1916, that contains a compilation of statements from eyewitnesses of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire during 1915-1916.[2]


Commissioned by the British Government and issued as an official Parliamentary "Blue Book" report in October 1916, the volume is divided regionally into twenty sections, each of which contains multiple eyewitness and secondhand reports, dispatches, news articles, and letters. In total there were 149 documents and 15 appendixes.[3] The publication presents Arnold J. Toynbee's analysis of the population in the Ottoman Empire. The presented table and map show the re-calculated values of the stated provinces using values where Armenians were the majority of the population, according to Toynbee's estimates.


The book has been criticized by some Turkish revisionists as British wartime propaganda to build up sentiment against the Central Powers.[4]

However, Bryce submitted the work to scholars for verification before its publication. University of Oxford Regius Professor Gilbert Murray stated of the tome, "...the evidence of these letters and reports will bear any scrutiny and overpower any skepticism. Their genuineness is established beyond question."[5] Other professors, including Herbert Fisher of Sheffield University and former American Bar Association president Moorfield Storey, affirmed the same conclusion.[6]

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