The Trespasser (novel)

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The Trespasser
Author D. H. Lawrence
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre novel
Publisher Gerald Duckworth and Company Ltd
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 292
Preceded by The White Peacock
Followed by Sons and Lovers
Text The Trespasser at Wikisource

The Trespasser is the second novel written by D. H. Lawrence, published in 1912. Originally it was entitled the Saga of Siegmund and drew upon the experiences of a friend of Lawrence, Helen Corke, and her adulterous relationship with a married man that ended with his suicide. Lawrence worked from Corke's diary, with her permission, but also urged her to publish; which she did in 1933 as Neutral Ground.

Corke later wrote several biographical works on Lawrence.

Standard edition[edit]

  • The Trespasser (1912), edited by Elizabeth Mansfield, Cambridge University Press,1981, ISBN 0-521-22264-8


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