The Triple Hoax

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Nancy Drew: The Triple Hoax
Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 1.jpg
Author Carolyn Keene
Cover artist Ruth Sanderson[1]
Language English
Series 57
Published November 21, 1979[2]
Publisher Wanderer Books
ISBN 978-0-448-43688-3
OCLC 60345657
Preceded by The Thirteenth Pearl
Followed by The Flying Saucer Mystery

The Triple Hoax is the 57th book in the series of Nancy Drew. It was the first paperback Nancy Drew produced by Simon & Schuster under the Wanderer imprint. In 2005, Grosset & Dunlap reprinted it in the yellow hardback format.[3]

Plot summary[edit]

In The Triple Hoax, Nancy, her Aunt Eloise, Bess, and George begin by going to New York to help a friend. There they see a performance by the Hoaxters, a group of magicians. These magicians take handbags and wallets from people in the audience – they do return them, but Nancy feels suspicious.

Nancy and her friends follow leads to Mexico City, where Nancy is asked to find a child that has gone missing, and then to Los Angeles, where Nancy and her friends are threatened by the Hoaxters to try to scare them off the case.

Book covers[edit]

The Triple Hoax features different versions of the cover art including the following three:

Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 1.jpg Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 2.jpg Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 3.jpg