The Triple Hoax

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Nancy Drew: The Triple Hoax
Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 1.jpg
Author Carolyn Keene
Cover artist Ruth Sanderson[1]
Language English
Series 57
Published November 21, 1979[2]
Publisher Wanderer Books
ISBN 978-0-448-43688-3
OCLC 60345657
Preceded by Nancy Drew: The Thirteenth Pearl
Followed by Nancy Drew: The Flying Saucer Mystery

The Triple Hoax is the 57th book in the series of Nancy Drew. It was the first paperback Nancy Drew produced by Simon & Schuster under the Wanderer imprint. In 2005, Grosset & Dunlap reprinted it in the yellow hardback format.

Plot summary[edit]

In The Triple Hoax, Nancy, her Aunt Eloise, Bess, and George begin by going to New York to help a friend. There they see a performance done by the Hoaxters, a group of magicians. These magicians take handbags and wallets from people in the audience- they do return them, but Nancy feels suspicious. Nancy and her friends follow leads to Mexico City, where Nancy is asked to find a child that has gone missing, and then to Los Angeles, where Nancy and her friends are threatened by the Hoaxters to try to scare them off the case.

Book Covers[edit]

The Triple Hoax features different versions of the cover art including the following three:

Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 1.jpg Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 2.jpg Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 3.jpg