The Trouble with Girls (comics)

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The Trouble with Girls
The cover of The Trouble with Girls trade paperback, published in 2006 by Checker Book Publishing Group.
Publication information
PublisherEternity Comics/Malibu Comics, 1987–1988, 1989–1991
Comico, 1989
Epic Comics, 1993
Devil's Due Digital, 2010
Publication dateAugust 1987 – 1993
No. of issues39
Creative team
Created byWill Jacobs
Gerard Jones
Written byWill Jacobs
Gerard Jones
Artist(s)Tim Hamilton
Dave Garcia
Chuck Austen
Bret Blevins
Al Williamson
Collected editions
The Trouble with Girls: Volume 1ISBN 1-933160-45-4
The Trouble with Girls: Volume 2ISBN 1-933160-46-2

The Trouble with Girls is an American comic book published serially from 1987–1993 by Malibu Comics/Eternity Comics, Comico, and Epic Comics. It was written by Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones, and drawn by Tim Hamilton and others.[1]

The Trouble with Girls is a satirical action series starring Lester Girls, who wants to be simply an "average guy" with a dead-end job, a plain wife, and no adventures more exciting than a good night's sleep. But Lester can't go for a drive without terrorists launching missiles at him, or walk into one of his many mansions without a beautiful, talented, curvaceous woman reposing half-dressed on his bed. Wealth, adventure, sexual magnetism, dashing good looks, and the savoir faire of a Hollywood action hero are what he calls "the curse of Girls".[2]

Hamilton's clean, linear art evokes classic superhero comics. In one four-page set piece, Apache Dick, a Girls analogue who loves the high life, launches an escape that starts with pole-vaulting the Great Wall of China and ends with him crawling from the smoking wreckage of a kamikaze plane muttering only, "the bungalow".[3]

Publication history[edit]

Malibu Comics published volume one (#1–14 and Annual 1) in 1987 and 1988, the first six issues under its "Malibu Comics" imprint, and the remainder under its Eternity Comics imprint. In 1989, Comico launched volume two (#1–4), which then returned to Malibu and the "Eternity" imprint[4] for issues 5–23 and a Christmas Special. During volume two's run, Malibu also brought out related Lester Girls, Apache Dick, Lizard Lady, and Classic Girls (reprinting v1 #1–4) mini-series. In 1993, Epic Comics published a four-issue Trouble with Girls miniseries called The Trouble With Girls: Night of the Lizard, with art by Bret Blevins and Al Williamson, as well as a Lester Girls short story in its Heavy Hitters Annual.[1]

Collected editions[edit]

The first fourteen issues of The Trouble with Girls were reissued in two volumes by Checker Book Publishing Group in 2006.[3] Currently, The Trouble with Girls is available digitally exclusively through Devil's Due Digital.


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