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The Troubles is a term used within the fictional world represented in the American/Canadian supernatural TV series, Haven, which premiered on July 9, 2010, on Syfy.[1] The series revolves around the resolution of the crises caused when a characters' Troubles are triggered, usually by emotional stress. Troubles include a character's emotions dictating the weather, another's appearance causing others to see their own worst fears, and yet another's fantasies to become real. The Troubled are rarely presented as bad people, merely unfortunate.

William and Mara, Audrey's original incarnation, used the black goo call Aether to create or modify a Trouble. This was the result of Mara being forced to go into the Barn on the day the Hunter Meteor Storm comes to Haven every 27 years where she will have to go under a new identity.


"The Troubles" is a collective name for the supernatural afflictions that affect certain citizens at critical moments in the life of the town of Haven. Beside the current plague, an outbreak of The Troubles happened in 1983 when the Colorado Kid was killed, when Max Hansen killed the family he was sent to prison for and when other ghastly events happened. Lucy Ripley, a previous "incarnation" of Audrey, worked with Garland Wuornos to help resolve the problems caused by The Troubles of 1983. Lucy was only in Haven for a few months, but apparently when she left, or perhaps disappeared, The Troubles had been contained.[2]

The Haven Herald newspaper has recorded many of these outbreaks in the past. The opening credits sequence displays headlines that show periods of The Troubles that may go as far back as the foundation of the town over 350 years ago. The afflictions often reflect the emotional state of the afflicted: one person's emotions affected the weather and anger brought storms; another whose anger cause electrical discharges.

Some people in the town see The Troubles as a curse from God. The Rev. Ed Driscoll notes, referring to Troubled people, that "Haven is chock full of the ungodly". Other people are more sympathetic to Troubled people.

The Troubled people[edit]

Nathan Wuornos cannot feel any pain or other sensations, except for the touch of Audrey Parker, although he had an opportunity to lose his affliction when it was temporarily taken from him by Ian Haskell (Ep.202). The late Chief Garland Wuornos was afflicted with the power to hold Haven together, literally, and when he lost concentration Haven would start to crack. The return of Max Hansen pushed the chief over the edge, no longer able to control the cracking. He held the cracking within himself until he exploded into tiny fragments.(Ep.113)

Below is a list of Haven people known to be Troubled.

Season 1[edit]

Person Actor(s) Episode Trouble Outcome
Marion Caldwell Nicole de Boer "Welcome to Haven" Her moods influence the weather. She is looked after by Conrad Brauer. Her trouble came back in "Fallout" after he died, but Nathan convinced her to accept his death, calming the weather again. The trouble is removed from her in the series finale "Forever" at the time the troubles ended.
Conrad Brauer Patrick Garrow "Welcome to Haven" When his personal space is invaded Conrad panics and violently shoves people away with his mind. He begins to relax and let people get close after learning that Marion returns his love. In "Fallout", it was revealed that he died of a heart attack two days ago and his death re-activated her trouble.
Bobby Mueller Ricardo Hoyos "Butterfly" When he sleeps his nightmares become reality to those he feels threatened by. Care and medication help to put him at ease so he doesn't have bad dreams.
Ray McBreen Lyriq Bent "Harmony" His music makes catatonic people sane again, but sane people crazy. He sails off into the sunset with a crew of previously catatonic people, to isolate his trouble while still doing some good.
Bill McShaw Sebastian Pigott "Consumed" Stress causes the food he eats and all other related ingredients contained within the food to spoil. People who ingested the food get food poisoning. Changes to a stress-free job.
Beatrice Mitchell Jennie Raymond "Ball and Chain" Becomes a different person (Helena) who seduces random men and causes each to die of old age in the few days it takes to bear his baby and hold it. She now chains herself inside the lighthouse when it is time to change.
Piper Landon Fiona Reid "Fur" Causes animals she stuffs to come to life. She chooses to be killed by her animals.
Vickie Dutton Molly Dunsworth "Sketchy" What happens to the things she draws, happens in real life. The man taking advantage of her trouble is drowned when his drawing falls into the water. Her previous drawings are kept in storage to prevent anything from happening to them. She has been working as Gloria's intern since season 4. She goes back to drawing after the troubles ended in "Forever" while taking care of Aaron.
Thornton Aarons Rick Roberts "Ain't No Sunshine" A blind man whose shadow takes a life of its own and attacks/kills the causes of his anger. He is enclosed in a house so that no light enters and therefore has no shadow.
Vaughn Carpenter Leslie Carlson "As You Were" Really a chameleon who took over Vaughn's body when Vaughn was dying during the previous troubles. He is shot and killed.
Matt West Max Topplin "The Hand You're Dealt" His anger causes things to burn. He is provoked to burn up in his anger and impotence.
Vanessa Stanley Cynthia Preston "The Hand You're Dealt" Sees the last thing that people see before they die. She is killed by Matt West.
Ezra Colbert Jonas Chernick "The Trial of Audrey Parker" Is able to anticipate what people he is concentrating on think or do, which "scrambles his head". He is arrested.
James Carrick Tom Barnett "Resurfacing" Suffers seizures that cause him to vibrate so fast he becomes invisible and intangible. He disappears for good though still present.
Max Hansen John Bourgeois "Spiral" Inability to feel pain or anything else, like his biological son, Nathan Wuornos. He is swallowed by a rampant crack in the ground and killed when he hits the bottom.
Garland Wuornos Nicholas Campbell "Spiral" Troubled with keeping Haven together through concentration. Struggle becomes too hard and he explodes into pieces of stone.

Season 2[edit]

Person Actor(s) Ep. Trouble Outcome
TJ Smith Joey Klein "A Tale of Two Audreys" Brings what he reads to life. Is made aware of his trouble.
Jackie Clark Andrea Wilson "Fear & Loathing" Causes people to see their worst fears when they look at her. Her trouble is taken by Ian.
Ian Haskell Bryan Dick "Fear & Loathing" Has the ability to take a single trouble from another through contact with their blood. If he takes a trouble, his previous victim regains their trouble. He is shot and dies while having Jackie's trouble.
Lewis Pufahl Hugo Speer "Love Machine" His fixing things causes them to come alive and cause harm if they feel threatened. For the good of others, he is forced to stay behind in Haven without the woman he loves so the machines he fixes don't kill.
Mayor Brody Peter MacNeill "Sparks and Recreation" His presence causes people to fawn over him. He was killed by an electric shock from a microphone deliberately rigged by his wife.
Chris Brody Jason Priestley "Sparks and Recreation" Inherited his father's trouble which means the only person in town who can still treat him normally is Audrey. In "Lockdown", he admits to giving into his affliction that nearly got the people in Haven killed and tells Audrey they should break up. Resurfaced in season 5 during a video chat with Dave and Dwight in "Morbidity". He last appeared in "Forever" when his trouble is removed from him while on vacation.
Lori Fulcher Kate Greenhouse "Sparks and Recreation" Her anger causes pulses of high tension electricity. She is to be looked after and kept well "grounded".
The Novelli & Keegan families Joe Dinicol, Alexz Johnson, Sean McCann, Corinne Conley and Ted Atherton "Roots" Hatred between the families feeds the appetite of trees whose roots kill. Love between the families regained control.
Anson Shumway Ari Cohen "Audrey Parker's Day Off" Each time he blames himself for getting things wrong, he goes back to the beginning to set it right, causing the day to restart. He was not aware of the day restarting. He deliberately steps in front of a speeding car to stop further restarts.
Cole Glendower Kenneth Welsh "The Tides That Bind" Forced, along with all Glendower males, to breathe water and hence live in the sea at each outbreak of the troubles. He can also swim at super speed. Allowed to return to the sea for the current outbreak, promising to turn himself over once possible and asks Nathan to look after his family until then.
Cornell Stamoran Cristián de la Fuente "Friend or Faux" He manifests a physical copy which can do the things that he wants to do. The copy respawns each time it is killed and eventually gains its own personality. He is killed by the copy that Audrey convinces to express his own independence. The copy disappears with his death.
Nikki Coleman Kristin Booth "Lockdown" Her negative feelings are channeled as a fast attacking disease at whomever she touches. Audrey helps her gain confidence to control her feelings.
Dwight Hendrickson Adam "Edge" Copeland "Lockdown" Attracts bullets whenever someone fires a gun at somebody. Handles the situation by wearing a bulletproof vest. In "Forever", the trouble is removed from him.
The Benton Sisters Leah Ostry, Alexandria Benoit and Julia Hines "Who, What, Where, Wendigo?" They are wendigos, people that crave human flesh, but they can survive on any live flesh. After the girls learn to control human cravings in the woods, Dwight takes them to a slaughterhouse where they can live and feed until the troubles are over.
Stu Pierce Joris Jarsky "Business as Usual" His sweat dehydrates anybody who comes into contact with it to the point of mummification. He and his wife decide to leave, as Haven is no longer a safe place for people with troubles.
Duke Crocker Eric Balfour "Business as Usual" Receives temporary super strength from absorbing the blood from a Troubled person which puts him in a partially enraged state. His father tells him in "Sins of the Fathers" that he can end a trouble by killing the person who possess it and the family is then free of it. When Audrey altered his trouble so that they can save the Harker's baby in "When the Bough Breaks", it causes him to carry all the troubles who were killed by a Crocker, meaning that if he doesn't release one, he'll explode and die. Has been keeping his trouble in check through the support of Audrey and manages control of himself. He lost his first trouble in "Lay Me Down" after he killed his brother Wade.
Kyle Hopkins Torrance Coombs "Sins of the Fathers" Ghosts of people he buries come back to settle unfinished business. He kills himself by thrusting the knife Duke holds into his own stomach, causing the trouble to disappear.
Hadley Chambers Niamh Wilson "Silent Night" Can convert a portion of the world into a toy she loves. A side-effect is that all people in the affected area are made to 'never exist'. Stops using it when Audrey tells her that her father loves her.
Mara Kopf N/A This storyline appears exclusively on Twitter.[3] The things she touches freeze, Vince Teagues describes it as a "freak temperature inversion." She was rescued from her burning house by Vince Teagues and helped by Sarah (Audrey's earlier self in spring 1958) in an unspecified manner.

Season 3[edit]

Person Actor(s) Ep. Trouble Outcome
Wesley Toomey Michael Therriault "301" Ability to turn his fantasies into reality, triggered by his mother's kidnapping which he believes was by aliens, thus an alien fantasy causes UFO events around Haven. Nathan convinces him to go with the alien ship, causing him to disappear along with his trouble.
Tor Magnusson Adrian G. Griffiths "Stay" Turns animals into humans when he mistreats them (without knowing). Trouble kept in check by treating animals humanely.
Harry Nix David W. Keeley "The Farmer" Suffers from progressive organ failure, needing to harvest the organs of relatives to survive. Sprouts a tentacle from his mouth to expel and harvest organs. Such an attack triggers the trouble in those family members who escape. He is killed by Duke thus ending the trouble in the family.
Daphne Francine Deschepper "Over My Head" Any dangers she fears might happen become reality, and also manifests in the people she might think would notice she was missing or who would try to rescue her (without knowing). After being rescued from the sinking car by Duke, Claire will help her deal with her trouble.
Jordan McKee Kate Kelton "Over My Head" Anyone she touches feels agonizing pain. In "Countdown", Wade kills her after refusing to tell him the plan to end the troubles at the time she decided to leave Haven.
Lynette Amy Sloan "Double Jeopardy" Her sense of injustice brings Lady Justice to life to balance the scales with law breakers (without knowing). The guilt from learning what she has done causes her to be "locked up" in the painting of Lady Justice.
Roland Holloway Iain Glen "Real Estate" He has been absorbed into his house, which he is able to control. Unable to interact normally he has become resentful and malevolent. The house is destroyed, though it seems to be able to reconstruct itself in time.
Noelle Melanie Scrofano "Magic Hour (Part 1)" Brings people back from the dead before sunset by using her touch, though can only bring one person back at a time. In part 2, Dwight takes her, her boyfriend and a dead Moira away from Haven until the troubles are over.
Moira Claudia Black "Magic Hour (Part 2)" Her trouble is the same as her Noelle's, triggered by Audrey to bring Nathan back. Died after bringing Noelle and Nathan back but by next sunset, she will be brought back to life by her sister.
Stuart Mosley George R. Robertson "Sarah" Temporally relocates people to time periods he is thinking about, usually in moments of extreme stress. He is left alone in his old age to tend to his garden. He used his trouble again in the season five episode "Just Passing Through" when he helped send Nathan and Vince back to 1983.
Ginger Danvers Kiara Glasco "Burned" Constrains people to do her bidding by saying what she wants. Her trouble disappears when she is in a safe environment, so Duke drives her and her father away from Haven to safety.
Will Brady Nolan North "Last Goodbyes" When his family takes him off life-support to die in 12 hours, he wakes from his coma, sending Haven folk into the same terminal coma. He goes back into the coma so that everyone may wake up. Audrey has him kept on life-support because he is aware even in the coma.
Arla Cogan Laura Vandervoort "Reunion" Revealed as the skinwalker. Her skin fell off, but she has the ability to wear the skin of other people to take their place after murdering them with a bolt gun to obtain their complete skin as well as collecting female parts to make a mask for her original face. In the season 3 finale "Thanks for the Memories", she was killed by Audrey and her body is later sucked into the barn.
Jeanine Molly Atkinson "Reunion" Any food she touches turns into cake. Dwight took her and Robert to a safer place.
Robert Taylor Shaun Benson "Reunion" Bad school memories turn him into a young alter ego seeking revenge from those who did him wrong, making them young and dead. His normal self has no memory of what he has done. The possibility of happiness with Jeanine, who has always liked him, gives him an escape from his trouble.

Season 4[edit]

Person Actor(s) Ep. Trouble Outcome
Jennifer Mason Emma Lahana "Fallout" Hears conversations that occurred within the barn. Helps out Nathan and Duke for the time being until they find Audrey. Her trouble disappears after Audrey escaped the Barn in "Lost and Found". After the gang sent William back to where he came from in "The Lighthouse", she collapsed and stopped breathing which was revealed in season 5 that she died before the lighthouse was destroyed. Duke buried her in the sea.
Don Keaton Kyle Mac "Survivors" Incinerates people from the inside out (without knowing), turning them into charcoal. Triggered by his grief that he survived a fire when his firefighting partner didn't. He is made aware of his trouble and its trigger.
Mike Gallagher Tony Nappo "Bad Blood" His trouble, triggered when his wife died, causes his blood to attack what he hates the most. He was taken somewhere to focus on his pain.
Baer Brock Steven McCarthy "Lost and Found" Creates creatures called Douen (without knowing), which enchant children with their laughter and abduct them. The creatures disappear when he admits and lets go of his guilt and envy of others because he is unable to have children.
Tyler Douglas Nyback "The New Girl" He can possess others as long as he is holding a personal possession of theirs. With each possession, his original body suffers worsening seizures. While possessing Duke, he kills his original body, intending to never return to it, but Duke's trouble eliminates his trouble causing him to return to his body just as he dies.
Paul Krebs Jason Jazrawy "Countdown" Causes people he believes are slowing him down or holding him back to experience a countdown on digital devices only they can see (without knowing). When the countdown reaches zero, the victim turns to stone. The countdowns disappear when he is encouraged to ask out his friend, which is what he believed people were slowing him down from doing. On the way out, he is stabbed by Wade, but will be taken care of at the hospital.
Carrie Benson Kandyse McClure "Lay Me Down" Experiences in real life what she experiences in dreams. William's thugs altered her trouble so anybody she comes in contact with are also affected by their dreams. Her trouble disappears when she conquers her greatest fear in her dreams, but was left with the handprint mark by the thugs who mugged her.
Aiden & Jack Driscoll Craig Olejnik and Darri Ingolfsson "Crush" Originally not troubled, but William caused the brothers to gain one: when stressed they create a high pressure zone around them. They were calmed down with a scuba dive exercise.
Cliff Kenneth Mitchell "The Trouble with Troubles" His wish of wanting the troubles to go away after his wife died causes the town to be trouble free and the people who live in Haven appear in different personalities with no memory. The town returns to normal after he is killed by William.
Rougarou Dan White "Shot in the Dark" In addition to his henchmen, William created the monster that goes after people who were born the same year on the same day. When Jennifer held a copy of "Unstake My Heart" she received from her birth parents, the same book Audrey had prior to her arrival in Haven, it caused the Rougaro to locate the target. It was shattered to pieces after Jennifer picked the book up in which she realizes that the flashing Guard symbol protected her.
Aaron Harker N/A "When the Bough Breaks" People die when he starts to cry. The Harker trouble normally starts at puberty, but William causes it to manifest in the infant Aaron. Aaron's father, Ben, knowing about the Crocker family trouble, asks Duke to kill him. He reluctantly does so, eliminating Aaron's trouble.

Season 5[edit]

Person Actor(s) Ep.(s) Trouble Outcome
Duke Crocker Eric Balfour "See No Evil" and "Speak No Evil" People's faces and ears getting sewn shut is the cause of delivering the news to someone who doesn't want to hear the bad news. The Barrow family are very aware of their former trouble even though they are not behind it. The trouble originally ended after Roy Crocker killed Constance Barrow in 1929 but re-activated due to Duke refusing to believe that Jennifer died in the cave. Fortunately, it goes away after he accepts her fate.
Jody Lucia Walters "Spotlight" and "Much Ado About Mara" Shoots laser beams out of her body but needs sunlight in order to survive. Her altered trouble, given by Mara, emits microwaves that can kill people, objects and living things. Duke helped her learn to control her trouble.
Skip & Jeffrey Doohan Andrew Kraulis and Damon Runyan "The Old Switcheroo (Parts 1 & 2)" Anyone they touch makes people switch with the person who has been keeping a secret from them. The gang reverts back to their own bodies after reuniting the brothers.
Amy Potter Lara Jean Chorostecki "Nowhere Man" and "Exposure" The pictures she prints after they are taken turns the people who are in the photos into ghosts, leaving the victim behind them is their shadow pose. She accepts that Morgan is not the person she knew before because the real Morgan already died, causing her trouble to end. He snaps but was knocked out by Seth and later taken away by the EMT.
Eve Tammy Isbell "Morbidity" Dead people in teddy bear costumes appear when she talks about the memories she shared with her father. However, her trouble was triggered by a contagion that causes trouble people to get sick and unable to control their troubles. Audrey drove her and Hank away from Haven so that the trouble would stop.
Pete Pelak Matt Baram "Mortality" Accidentally tells Nathan about the recent incident he was involved in, leading to Nathan figuring out that he's responsible for the contagion which was revealed that seeing Charlotte looking into his files set off the trouble. The outbreak ends when Mara forced Duke to kill him after Duke originally declined to do so.
Samantha Celeste Desjardins "Reflections" When she looks at people directly in the eyes, whatever they feel on the way inside is reflected on them outwardly. She admits to using her trouble after her overprotective mother tried to take advantage of her.
Duke Crocker Eric Balfour "Chemistry" Mara turned him into a trouble bomb in addition to absorbing aether and giving somebody a new or existing trouble. What he didn't know is that she secretly used the aether to make love to him the previous night after working with a guardsman, who helped Mara fake her abduction, to steal it before he attempted to. It was stated in "Chosen" that he'll explode and release thousands of troubles if Mara is killed or Charlotte refuses to open a thinny. He explodes which was revealed that Mara, prior to being merged into Audrey, lied to Charlotte about turning him off. Killed by Nathan in "Now" so that Croatoan doesn't take any more troubles from him but re-appeared as a muted ghost in "Forever".
Joe Sena Anthony Ulc "Chosen" and "New World Order" Traps his children in places he fears for them the most. Also created for the fog barrier while running away from Croatoan. Convinced by Audrey to stop being afraid, he tells his daughter inside the sinking boat that he loves her, causing the trouble to free the students in the boat and the cops in the gun locker. Later that day, Dave's visions led him into discovering his body, meaning that he has been killed but the barrier remains active around town.
Alex Sena Victor Zinck Jr. "New World Order" Everyone around him freezes when he gets nervous. The trouble stops after he blames Duke for giving him and his dad a trouble. In "Blind Spot", he is killed by Duke who has been taken over by Croatoan.
Lisa Hawkins Vikki Humphrey "New World Order" & "Close to Home" When Duke gave her a trouble in the previous episode, anything she touches explodes. Audrey talked her down after she tried to blow Nathan's house up while blaming Duke.
Kira Fulcher Alex Paxton-Beesley "Power" Has the same trouble as Lori and Danielle Fulcher. Remained trapped inside the place she and Nathan found William's missing stash of aether in order to keep the power active. Dwight and Charlotte managed to rescue her in "The Trial of Nathan Wuornos".
Hailie Colton Tamara Duarte "Power" Can pass through solid mass. In "A Matter of Time", after refusing to help Audrey and Duke in the previous episode "Close to Home", she suffers a similar fate to Barbara. Unlike her mother, Duke kills her so that he can use the trouble to get Nathan out of the void.
Henry Rossif Sutherland "Power" and "Enter Sandman" Anyone he touches puts them into slumber. He can also manipulate the victims who then appear in his fantasy with no memory of themselves. Audrey, Charlotte and the other victims wake up from their slumber after he chose to stay in his own world.
Glowing Teen Duncan MacDonald "Power" His torso glows. Audrey used him and the older wife to create light inside the hallway.
Older Wife Judy Salvoy "Power" Her face glows. Audrey used her and the glowing teen to create light inside the hallway.
Grayson Tim Beresford "The Trial of Nathan Wuornos" Despite being deaf, he can release a sonic scream. Was put in stasis but in "Enter Sandman", he is killed by Henry.
Tony Paul Popowich "The Trial of Nathan Wuornos" The darkness that kills anyone who steps into the dark, is due to his refusal to look at the dark emotional side of the truth. Audrey convinces him that Kira left him but eventually accepts it after listening to Nathan's speech.
Lainey Gabrielle Miller "Wild Card" The numbers mysteriously appear on people’s wrists, aligning their fates to the tragic images on the tarot cards whenever she pulls one out, however, Croatoan manipulated her trouble by shuffling the card order for Audrey, Nathan, Charlotte and Dwight. The curse is removed from the gang after Nathan forced her to pull out another card for Audrey, which she pulled out a judgement card. In "Perditus", later that day, she is killed by a resurrected Hebert.
Ona Meredith MacNeill "Perditus" Can bring people back from the dead but once the victim is brought back and remembers how they died, they turn into undead versions of themselves and start going after their loved ones. She finally accepts that Hebert is gone, causing the resurrected people to drop dead in the order in which she brought back.
Barbara Colton Jaime Proctoro "Just Passing Through" Trouble is the same as Hailie's but can also temporarily open a thinny due to her usage of Lucy's ring which gives her access to the void. Garland managed to take the ring from her. She left town after the Colorado Kid incident to live in Halifax until her death years later when her trouble gave out after she was impaled.
Laverne Stefani Deoul "Blind Spot" Her trouble is like Roland Holloway's when she possesses the police station. In "Forever", she appears in her normal self for the time since the troubles ended a month ago even though she was previously heard on a dispatcher.
Victor Kirby Scott Bailey "Now" Has the same trouble as his aunt Vanessa Stanley. Duke kills him.


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