The Troubles in Clady (Tyrone)

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The Troubles in Clady (Tyrone) recounts incidents during, and the effects of, The Troubles in Clady, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.


  • 9 August 1971: On the Ulster Defence Regiment Regimental Roll of Honour the first name is that of Private Winston Donnell of 6 UDR, shot dead at a vehicle checkpoint near Clady, on 9 August 1971. The Regiment had been called out following the introduction of internment that day.
  • 10 December 1971 - Kenneth Smyth (28), a Protestant off duty member of the Ulster Defence Regiment, and Daniel McCormick (29), a Catholic ex-member of the Ulster Defence Regiment, were shot and killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army while travelling to work in a car at Clady.


  • 15 December 1973 - Jim Mc Ginn (20), Catholic IRA man killed when bomb he was carrying exploded prematurely on Clady bridge.


  • 10 August 1988 - James Mc Philemy (20), Catholic INLA man shot dead by British troops in Clady's main Street.