The Troubles in Coagh

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The Troubles in Coagh recounts incidents during, and the effects of, The Troubles in Coagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Incidents in Coagh during the Troubles resulting in two or more fatalities:


  • 16 October 1972 - Patrick Mullan (34) and Hugh Herron (38), both Catholic members of the Official Irish Republican Army, were shot and killed by the British Army while travelling in a car at a British Army vehicle check point, outside St Patrick's Hall, Ardboe, six miles outside Coagh.




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  2. ^ Bowyer Bell, J. (1997). The Secret Army: The IRA. Transaction Publishers. p. 610. ISBN 1-56000-901-2. On March 7, IRA volunteers shot a suspected UVF man in front of his two children and then in the confusion shot two old men as well. 
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