The Trunk (The Twilight Zone)

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"The Trunk"
The New Twilight Zone episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 49
Directed by Steve DiMarco
Written by Paul Chitlik
Jeremy Bertrand Finch
Original air date December 24, 1988
Guest appearance(s)

Bud Cort: Willy Gardner
Lisa Schrage: Candy
Milan Cheylov: Danny
Kelly Denomme: Young Woman
Tobey Maguire: Aggressive Punk (uncredited)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"There Was an Old Woman"
Next →
"Appointment on Route 17"
List of The Twilight Zone (1985 TV series) episodes

"The Trunk" is the forty-ninth episode and the fourteenth episode of the third season (1988–89) of the television series The Twilight Zone.

Opening narration[edit]


Willy Gardner, an amiable man, operates a run-down hotel called the Winchester. One day, as he makes his rounds rousing the guests at noon for check-out time, he comes across an open door to room 303. In the room, Willy finds a trunk. He opens it and finds it empty. He makes an off-hand remark about wishing he had a nickel for every time he found a piece of luggage someone left behind. He closes it and attempts to move it but it has become too heavy. Willy opens it again to find the trunk filled with nickels.

Willy, excited at his find, makes another wish. This time, he wishes for a mug of root beer just like when he was a kid. He realizes that he doesn't really need money when he can wish for anything he wants out of the trunk. Soon, his little apartment in the back of the hotel is the epitome of bad taste as Willy has decorated it and himself in a white tuxedo. Willy has a party and invites some of his longtime guests and a local girl on whom he has a crush and trying to impress. Even when he runs into a nice elderly lady guest, although she doesn't want to attend the party, he slips her a bottle of champagne—another gift of the trunk. One of the local girl's hoodlum friends, Danny, happens to notice where Willy went to get his stash of liquor.

When Danny comes back into the party, he motions to the girl to get Willy outside. Outside, they talk and Willy begins to realize that this girl, Candy, is just trying to get money or things out of him. He tells her he wants someone who really loves him and will marry him. Willy realizes it's not her. As they return to the party, Willy starts feeling generous and start giving away his things. His guests take all of his possessions and leave, as he asked them to. Willy realizes those things mean nothing if he doesn't have someone who likes him for himself to share it with. While cleaning up after the party, Willy is attacked by Danny and his hoodlum friends trying to find how he got all those possessions. Willy gets away and runs upstairs to the room with the trunk. He goes inside and the hoodlums follow him, but he is nowhere to be found, not even in the trunk. The hoodlums run off as the police sirens are heard in the distance. Willy, however, thinking he is safe, attempts to get out and realizes he's locked in the trunk.

Before long, the trunk is sitting in the living room of a girl who has apparently just moved into her apartment. She receives a phone call from her mother and they talk about her finding a man. The girl off-handedly says "I wish". All the while she is talking, the girl is trying to pry open the trunk, apparently not knowing what's inside. She manages to get it open and out pops Willy Gardner, clean-cut, well-dressed and this girl's wish comes true...

Closing narration[edit]

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