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==Current Masthead==
==Current Masthead==
Bertel Schmitt - Editor In Chief
Bertel Schmitt - Editor In Chief, Homophobe
Derek Kreindler - Managing Editor
Derek Kreindler - Managing Editor
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Clemens Gleich
Clemens Gleich
Doug DeMuro
The Fantastic Doug DeMuro
Phil Coconis
Phil Coconis

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The Truth About Cars (TTAC) is a website covering automobiles, automotive products and the auto industry. The site began publishing in 2002,[1] and features a mix of automotive reviews, editorials and news. The site is home to the annual Ten Worst Automobiles awards,[2] which are nominated and selected by the readers.

Time Magazine [3] called TTAC one of the 25 "Best Blogs of 2011." Forbes Magazine listed TTAC as a “Best of the Web.”[when?][4][dead link] PC Magazine listed TTAC as one of its "100 Favorite Blogs" in 2007.[5]


Founded by Robert Farago in 2002, The Truth About Cars established itself as a lone independent voice in the automotive media, at a time when many outlets were coming under fire for their close relationships with advertisers, particularly auto manufacturers. Many viewed TTAC as adopting an adversarial tone, particularly with regards to the Big Three domestic auto makers. This was exacerbated by Farago's now infamous "GM Death Watch" series, which correctly predicted the bankruptcy of General Motors over a 200+ part series. In 2012, TTAC revived the "Death Watch" series, when contributing author Mark Stevenson correctly predicted the demise of Suzuki's North American auto sales arm.

After being acquired by VerticalScope, a Canadian online media firm, Farago departed, and Ed Niedermeyer became Editor-In-Chief in 2010. Niedermeyer, who originally started out as a TTAC reader, shifted the site's editorial direction to cover the post-bailout era, government affairs (such as the effects of environmental and safety regulations) and other industry-centric topics. Niedermeyer departed in late 2011 and was replaced by former Managing Editor Bertel Schmitt. TTAC alumni include Car and Driver's Justin Berkowitz and Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman.

More recently, Steven Lang left TTAC over an article written by Bertel Schmitt.[6][7] They are continuing to squabble in public.[8]


  • Detailed car reviews and editorials from contributing writers
  • Worldwide industry reports and analysis
  • Monthly sales statistics for major markets
  • "Avoidable Contact", an editorial series by noted journalist Jack Baruth
  • News blog and commentary
  • Moderated comments section (free registration required)
  • Junkyard Finds editorials focusing on old cars found in the scrapyards of America
  • Generation Why, highlighting America's youth and their relationship with the automobile

Current Masthead

Bertel Schmitt - Editor In Chief, Homophobe

Derek Kreindler - Managing Editor

Alex Dykes

Murilee Martin

Jack Baruth

Sajeev Mehta

Ronnie Schreiber

Tim Cain - Sales Analyst

Edward Niedermeyer - Editor Emeritus

Contributing Authors

Brendan McAleer

Marcello De Vasconcellos

Matt Gasiner

J&J Suthlerland

Tycho De Feyter

W. Christian Ward

Mark Stevenson

Clemens Gleich

The Fantastic Doug DeMuro

Phil Coconis

Faisal Ali Khan

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