The Truth About Jane and Sam

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The Truth About Jane and Sam
Poster jane.jpg
Theatrical poster for The Truth About Jane and Sam.
Directed by Derek Yee
Produced by Catherine Hun
Written by Derek Yee
Starring Fann Wong
Peter Ho
Cheng Pei-pei
Chin Kar-lok
Joe Cheung
Wei Wei
James Lye
Music by Ken Lim
Zhang Renshu
Li Min
Dawn Lim
Cinematography Feng-Zhen Feng
Kwok-Man Keung
Edited by Chi-Leung Kwong
Release date
  • 24 September 1999 (1999-09-24)
Running time
100 min.
Country Hong Kong
Language English
Budget US$1 million

The Truth About Jane and Sam (Chinese: 真心話; Simplified Chinese: 真心话) is a 1999 Hong Kong film co-produced by Hong Kong's Film Unlimited and Singapore's Raintree Pictures. Directed by Hong Kong director Derek Yee, the movie stars Singapore actress Fann Wong and Taiwanese male singer Peter Ho.


Sam, a fresh graduate from Singapore, works as a journalist in Hong Kong to gain wider exposure in life. He chances upon Jane, an intriguing mainland girl who lives a wayward, depraved life on the streets of Hong Kong. Because of her previous experiences in life, she is highly distrustful of men and spends her days smoking, taking drugs and booze. Sam, from a rich Singapore family, finds his social view broadened as he spends time with Jane in an effort to capture a good feature story. What started out as fascination over her for a cover story develops into a heart-warming love story. The two fall in love but their love is tested under the harsh light of societal comparisons.


Box office[edit]

  • The film grossed SGD$78,261 in Singapore on the sneak preview weekend, making it the top film of the weekend, a rarity for a Hong Kong film in Singapore. (Hong Kong films have suffered declining cinema attendance rates since the mid-90s.) The media widely attributed it to the presence of Fann Wong, a leading Singaporean actress, in the lead role.
  • At the end of its five-week run in Singapore, it had grossed SGD$1,057,318 - making it the top Hong Kong film of the year in Singapore.
  • In Hong Kong, the film grossed over HKD$5 million.

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