The Tuesdays

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The Tuesdays
Origin Norway
Genres Rock
Years active 1994 – 1998
Labels Mercury Records Arista Records
Members Laila Samuelsen
Kristin Werner
Veslemøy "May" Hole
Hege Solli
Linda Gustafsson

The Tuesdays were a Norwegian rock group formed in 1990 in Larvik, Norway. Originally called No Limits, they were somewhat similar in sound to The Bangles. They released an album in 1994 in Norway and Japan, entitled When You're A Tuesday Girl, under the name The Tuesday Girls and with Jeanette Heidenstrøm as vocalist. After reconfiguring to include singer Laila Samuelsen and drummer Linda Gustafsson, they changed their name to The Tuesdays and signed with Arista in 1997. Their self-titled album had some commercial success, especially the single "It's Up To You". Their follow-up album was rejected by Arista, and the group split up. Former lead singer Laila Samuelsen released a solo album in 2002 and is still involved in writing music.


  • When You're A Tuesday Girl (1994)
  • The Tuesdays (1998)


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