The Twenty Questions Murder Mystery

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The 20 Questions Murder Mystery
"The Twenty Questions Murder Mystery" (1950).jpg
Directed by Paul L. Stein
Produced by Victor Katona
Steven Pallos
Screenplay by Victor Katona
Patrick Kirwan
Starring Robert Beatty
Rona Anderson
Clifford Evans
Music by Hans May
Cinematography Ted Lloyd
Ernest Palmer
Edited by Gerald Thomas
Pax Films
Pendennis Productions
Release date
January 1950
Running time
95 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Twenty Questions Murder Mystery is a 1950 British crime film directed by Paul L. Stein and starring Robert Beatty, Rona Anderson and Clifford Evans.[1] A man sends in a question to the BBC panel show Twenty Questions before he commits a murder.[2] A number of people play themselves as members of the Twenty Questions panel.[3]



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