The Twins Effect

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The Twins Effect
The Twins Effect.jpg
Film poster
MandarinQiān Jī Biàn
CantoneseCin1 Gei1 Bin3
Directed byDante Lam
Donnie Yen
Produced byCheung Shing-sheung
Written byChan Hing-kar
Ng Wai-lun
StarringCharlene Choi
Gillian Chung
Ekin Cheng
Edison Chen
Anthony Wong
Mandy Chiang
Josie Ho
Maggie Lau
Jackie Chan
Karen Mok
Chapman To
Music byChan Kwong-wing
CinematographyCheung Man-po
Edited byChan Kei-hop
Emperor Multimedia Group
Goldpeak Corporation Limited
Distributed byColumbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Release date
  • 8 March 2003 (2003-03-08)
Running time
107 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box office$3,639,926 (Hong Kong) (25 July 2003)

The Twins Effect, also known as Vampire Effect in the United States, is a 2003 Hong Kong film directed by Dante Lam and Donnie Yen. The film was derived from Cantopop group Twins, starring both members Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung in the leading roles. Co-stars include Edison Chen and Ekin Cheng. Jackie Chan makes a cameo appearance as an ambulance driver.

Following its release on 8 March 2003, The Twins Effect was a box-office success in Hong Kong, became the highest grossing domestic film of the year. The film gained huge popularity, mainly from fans of Twins.


An evil vampire duke seeks to kill and collect the blood of a royal family of European vampires in order to become all powerful. The last surviving member of the family, Prince Kazaf, flees to Hong Kong with his servant Prada. There, they are introduced by estate agent Momoko to live in an abandoned church.

Vampire hunter Reeve is depressed after his partner Lila is killed by vampires. He decides to train Lila's younger sister, Gypsy, to inherit her sister's duty and fight the vampire duke. However, Reeve's own sister, Helen, sees Gypsy as a rival.

At the same time, Kazaf meets Helen and falls in love with her, after which he intends to lead the life of a human being, but he is tracked down by the duke. Helen helps Kazaf and lets him hide in her home, where they are later discovered by Gypsy. Meanwhile, Reeve falls into the duke's trap while hunting vampires. Helen and Gypsy team up to save him.


Alternate version[edit]

After its release in Hong Kong, the film was renamed to Vampire Effect and some sequences were slightly altered. The new version was released in the United States in DVD as well.

The following are some differences between Vampire Effect and The Twins Effect:

  • Several scenes and timelines in the opening sequence are altered
  • Some scenes' editing are different
  • Some dialogues were modified
  • About 20 minutes of footage were cut from the original film, but some new scenes were added
  • The new film length is shorter than the original version (88 minutes for Vampire Effect)
  • Some film scores / music / instrumentals differ from the original version (different composer)

DVD releases[edit]

There are five versions of DVD, along with VCD, released in Hong Kong.

  • DAY FOR NIGHT Limited Edition (Limited 3000 sets. 2 DVDs come with Special Packaging, Vampire Slayer's sword, 4 autograph photos and individual printed code on the cover sleeve)
  • DAY FOR NIGHT Limited Edition - 2nd Edition (2 DVDs comes with Bronze colour Special Packaging, Bronze colour Vampire Slayer's sword, and 4 autograph postcards)
  • First Press 2 DVDs with Metallic / Silver Cardboard Slipcase
  • Second Press 2 DVDs with Cardboard Slipcase and altered disc print
  • Standard DVD (no slipcase)
  • First Press VCD with Metallic / Silver Cardboard Slipcase
  • Second Press / standard VCD with Cardboard Slipcase

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