The UFO Incident

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The UFO Incident
A newspaper clip with the headline stating "Now It's a TV Movie... Aboard A Flying Saucer! This Fall You Can See Couple's Incredible Story Of How They Were Kidnapped by a UFO". The article includes photo of a Estelle Parsons as Betty Hill and James Earl Jones as Barney Hill.
A newspaper clip about the film shortly upon its release.
Genre Biography
Written by Hesper Anderson (teleplay) and Jake Justiz (teleplay)
John G. Fuller (book)
S. Lee Pogostin
Starring James Earl Jones
Estelle Parsons
Music by Billy Goldenberg
Executive producer(s) Richard A. Colla
Producer(s) Joe L. Cramer
Cinematography Rexford L. Metz
Editor(s) Richard Bracken
Running time 92 min.
Production company(s) Universal Television
Distributor NBC
Original network NBC
Original release October 20, 1975

The UFO Incident (Interrupted Journey) is a 1975 television film starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons based on the alleged 1961 alien abduction of Barney and Betty Hill.[1]


The movie introduces us to Barney and Betty Hill, two ordinary people who have had the most extraordinary experience. She is a social worker and he a postman. They are an inter-racial couple who are very happy with each other but they are perplexed by a traumatic experience of which they have no memory. Two years later, they are still tormented by what happened during a trip where they have a mysterious lapse of memory which takes place after sighting a strange object hovering over their car. They wake up some time later much farther down the road. Barney and Betty consult Doctor Benjamin Simon a psychiatrist who tries to help them find the answer. The doctor decides that the best treatment to unlock their case of double amnesia is hypnosis. Doctor Simon mentions that Barney has suffered from a childhood of racial strife and feels deep guilt about his divorce. Barney tells the doctor that he has had physical symptoms after the experience such as strange warts on his groin. They are both tormented by mysterious nightmares that Betty begins to document. They report the incident to the US Air Force (the US Air Force actually had a project relating to UFO sightings called Blue Book). Doctor Simon places Barney under hypnosis and he begins to relive the experience. Barney describes his and Betty’s seeing a strange object in the sky that begins to follow and then to terrify them. Barney begins screaming in horror during the session as he describes his and Betty’s being abducted by the aliens from the UFO. Betty also reacts with horror describing their captive experience. She and Barney are subjected to medical experiments by the aliens including Betty having a needle shoved into her navel. With Doctor Simon's assistance and their strong love for each other, Barney and Betty are able to come to terms with their experience and get on with their lives. At the end of the movie it is revealed that Barney died of a stroke in 1969 at the age of 46. Betty lived on until 2004.

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Possible remake[edit]

According to The Huffington Post, a more developed and detailed film depicting the events of the Hill couple's alleged encounter and abduction is a possible project that can give a better insight to the incident.[2]

Historic context[edit]

The film aired two weeks before the Travis Walton UFO incident on November 5, 1975 which lead cognitive psychologist Susan Clancy to argue that this film influenced Travis Walton to present his own alleged abduction story.[3]


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