The Ukrainians (album)

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The Ukrainians
Studio album by The Ukrainians
Released November 25, 1991
Genre Folk, Rock

The Ukrainians is the eponymous title of the first album released by British folk-fusion group The Ukrainians.

The album was released in 1991, the year Ukraine won its independence from the Soviet Union.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Oi Divchino" (Hey, Girl)
  2. "Hopak"
  3. "Ti Moyi Radoshchi" (You Are My Happiness)
  4. "Zavtra" (Tomorrow)
  5. "Slava Kobzarya" (Kobzar's Glory)
  6. "Dity Plachut" (Children Are Crying)
  7. "Cherez Richku, Cherez Hai" (Across The River, Through The Wood)
  8. "Pereyidu" (I will cross)
  9. "Tebe Zhdu" (Waiting For You)
  10. "Son" (Dream)


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