The Ultimate Collection (MxPx album)

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The Ultimate Collection
MxPx - The Ultimate Collection cover.jpg
Compilation album by MxPx
Released March 11, 2008
Label Tooth & Nail
Producer MxPx, Aaron Sprinkle
MxPx chronology
Secret Weapon
The Ultimate Collection
On the Cover II

The Ultimate Collection is the third compilation album by MxPx. The two disc collection was released on March 11, 2008. All tracks are taken from albums released by Tooth and Nail Records, including the band's first three albums, what was then their most recent album, Secret Weapon, and the B-sides album Let It Happen.

Track listing disc 1[edit]

  1. "Secret Weapon"
  2. "Do Your Feet Hurt?"
  3. "GSF"
  4. "Teenage Politics"
  5. "Chick Magnet"
  6. "Role Remodeling"
  7. "Punk Rawk Show"
  8. "Dolores"
  9. "Middlename"
  10. "Want Ad"
  11. "Doing Time"
  12. "Today Is In My Way"

Track listing disc 2[edit]

  1. "Do & Don't"
  2. "Small Town Minds"
  3. "Study Humans"
  4. "Money Tree"
  5. "The Opposite Of Intellect"
  6. "Americanism"
  7. "New York To Nowhere"
  8. "Sugarcoated Poison Apple"
  9. "You're On Fire"
  10. "The Wonder Years"
  11. "Southbound"


  • Mike Herrera - bass guitar, vocals
  • Tom Wisniewski - lead guitar
  • Yuri Ruley - drums