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Un-Scripted performs in the 2019 West Coast Musical Improv Festival.
Un-Scripted Theater Company performs The Great Bollywood Puppet Extravaganza at the Gorilla Tango Theater as part of the 2009 Chicago Improv Festival.

Un-Scripted Theater Company® is an improvisational theater company in San Francisco, California. Un-Scripted Theater Company performs many kinds of improv formats, such as comedy, mystery, drama, adventure, and musicals, each presented in 4 to 6 week runs each season, each with its own Director, format, and vision. Un-Scripted specializes in narrative and genre-based "single-story" improvised theater.


Un-Scripted Theater Company was founded in 2002 when the Thursday night performance group, The Belfry, was cut from the line up at San Francisco's BATS Improv. Determined to continue their performance work, 8 of the original 20 improvisors of The Belfry left and started Un-Scripted Theater Company in January 2003. Since then, Un-Scripted Theater Company has performed hundreds of shows all over the Bay Area, throughout California and across the United States.

Founding Members[edit]


Un-Scripted Theater Company performs both Shortform and Longform improvisation. Shows are 2 hours long, with one intermission. Improvised theater is rooted in the idea that whatever you can perform with a script, like a play, movie, or musical can also be improvised, with unique and surprising results, which tap into deep universal themes and the innate creativity and individuality of all the players.


Un-Scripted Theater Company is a 501c3 non-profit performing arts company. It has a core performing Ensemble, some of whom make up the company's professional staff. Each show typically features two or more guests from outside the Ensemble. Guest Improvisors are chosen by the Director of the show at open auditions, which are held before the start of the show's rehearsal period. Each show has a larger cast size than the number of performers in any given night's show, so the composition of the cast changes each night.

Un-Scripted's rehearsal period and performance schedule that resembles traditional, scripted theater.

Show Titles, by Year[edit]


Un-Abridged: The Best of Ten Years of Un-Scripted
Act 1: Scene 2


A Tale of Two Genres: An Improvised Dickens Musical
Act 1: Scene 2
Secret Identity Crisis


Un-Scripted: un-scripted
In A World
A Tale of Two Genres: An Improvised Dickens Musical


Let it Snow!
Shakespeare: The Musical
Un-Scripted: un-scripted


The Great Puppet Bollywood Extravaganza
Un-Scripted: un-scripted
San Francisco Improv Festival
Theater: The Musical


The Great Puppet Musical
You Bet Your Improvisor
The Love Show
Shakespeare: Un-Scripted
Let it Snow!


The Impossible Film Project
Theatresports RAW
Two Man Longform at the Bay Area Comedy Festival
You Bet Your Improvisor
The Short & the Long of It (Abridged) at the Chicago Improv Festival Nine
Love at First Sight


Let it Snow!
The Impossible Film Project
The Short & the Long of It!
Love at First Sight
You Bet Your Improvisor


Let It Snow!
The Short & the Long of It!
Improvised Bawdy Shakespeare
Aussie Rules Theatersports
Bawdy Shakespeare at BATS Improv
Improv Survivor


The Cafe Sappore series
FEAR. reborn
The Amazing Improvised Musical!
Improvised Bawdy Shakespeare
Impro Bingo
The Short & the Long Of It!
Spring Sing and Improv Carnival Gala

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