The Unadulterated Cat

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The Unadulterated Cat
Author Terry Pratchett
Illustrator Gray Jolliffe
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Cat behavior
Genre Humour
Publisher Gollancz (1989, 1992)
Orion (2002)
Media type Hardcover and paperback
Pages 160
ISBN 978-0-7528-5369-7

The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett, illustrated by Gray Jolliffe, is a book written to promote what Pratchett terms the 'Real Cat', a cat who urinates in the flowerbeds, rips up the furniture, and eats frogs, mice and sundry other small animals. The opposite of the Real Cat is the 'Fizzy Keg Cat', a well-behaved and bland kind, as seen on cat food advertisements. It was first published 1989 by Gollancz.


  • Автентичната котка (Bulgarian)
  • Nefalšovaná kočka (Czech)
  • Tosikissa ei kirppuja kiroile (Finnish)
  • Sacrés chats ! (French)
  • Die gemeine Hauskatze (German)
  • Az igazi macska: Kampány az igazi macskáért (Hungarian)
  • Il Gatto D.O.C. (Italian)
  • Kot w stanie czystym (Polish)
  • Кот без дураков (Russian)
  • Riktiga Katter bär inte Rosett (Swedish)

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