The Unbeatables II

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The UnBeatables II
StarringLi Nanxing
Zoe Tay
Opening theme《当爱擦身而过》 by Jonathan Lee & Zoe Tay
Ending theme1.《我知道》by Emil Chau
2.《就是你》 by Zoe Tay
Country of originSingapore
No. of episodes30
Running time60 minutes
Original networkMediaCorp TV Channel 8
Original release15 November – 26 December 1996
Preceded byThree-In-One Love 爱情三合一
Followed byCreative Edge 创意先锋
Related showsThe Unbeatables I
The Unbeatables III

The Unbeatables II (双天至尊II) is the sequel to the highly successful drama series The Unbeatables I.



Set 4 years after the end of The Unbeatables I.

In Las Vegas, a senior of Long Tingguang, Ye Zhong, undertakes a gambling competition with four other gambling sorcerers from around the world. After the game was won by him, the media present at the event claimed and labelled him the "King of Gamblers". However, he refuses to accept the title, and instead introduced 4 different significant people on the screens:

  • King of Deception, Long Tingguang - turned insane after he lost a gambling match to Yan Fei four years ago.
  • Queen of Gamblers, Luo Qifang - rumored to be dead.
  • King of Gamblers, Yan Kun - disappeared after his son won the match against Long Tingguang.
  • New Generation King of Gamblers, Yan Fei - still active and his gambling skills has improved.

Ye Zhong declared that only when he beats Yan Fei on the gambling table will he be fit to be the "King of Gamblers".

Although Wenxin kept telling him that Luo Qifang is dead, Yan Fei insisted otherwise. Over 4 years, he travelled the world with his and Qifang's son, Yan Xing, hoping to find Qifang. When Yan Fei and Yan Xing got back to Coral Island, Wenxin refused to meet both father and son. As the pair stood in the rain waiting, Wenxin had series of flashbacks.

  • 4 years ago, Qifang took a bullet in the head for Yan Fei. Before she went for surgery, she wanted Wenxin to promise her 2 things: let Yan Fei have the custody of their son, and if the surgery is successful, she doesn't want anything to do with Yan Fei anymore. After the surgery, Qifang lost her memory and forgotten her past with Yan Fei. Wenxin decided to fulfill her promise by faking Qifang's death, sending her to Switzerland, and giving her a new name - Huang Yuefang, and a new father - Huang Wu.



Award Nominee Result
Best Actor 最佳男主角 Li Nanxing Nominated
Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角 Cassandra See Nominated
Best Drama Serial
N/A Nominated

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