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The Undateables
Voices ofSally Phillips
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series9
No. of episodes42
Production company(s)Betty
Original networkChannel 4
Picture format16:9
Original release3 April 2012 (2012-04-03) – present
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The Undateables is a British TV documentary series that follows a range of people on dates who have long term conditions, including: disabilities, developmental disorders, and learning difficulties. The series works in conjunction with the dating agency, Flame Introductions, and is broadcast on Channel 4. Flame Introductions[1] head office is in Richmond, London, but they cover the whole of the UK with their services.

There have been 42 episodes since the documentary first aired on 3 April 2012, split into nine separate series and a few additional episodes. The documentary has been narrated by Sally Phillips throughout. Brent Zillwood had a big impact on the programme over the first two seasons as he helped raise awareness for Tourette's syndrome internationally.[2]


Series Start date End date Episodes
1 3 April 2012 17 April 2012 3
2 8 January 2013 29 January 2013 4
3 9 January 2014 30 January 2014 4
4 5 January 2015 2 February 2015 5
5 4 January 2016 1 February 2016 5
6 2 January 2017 30 January 2017 5
7 11 September 2017 9 October 2017 5
8 21 December 2017 29 January 2018 5
9 10 September 2018 18 December 2018 5
10 9 January 2019 TBC TBC


Series 1[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Luke & Lucy Stand-up comedian Luke has Tourette's. He is reluctant to approach a girl in case he calls her a slag - or worse. How will he cope when he meets Lucy, who has never known anyone with Tourette's before?[3]
2 Justin & Shaine Justin has tumors on his body and face, and has never been out with a girl. He goes on a date with Tracey. Shaine has a learning disability. He can write a lady a poem but struggles to ask women out.[3]
3 Hadyn & Sam Hadyn has undergone 40 facial operations and is partially deaf. His twin brother hopes to help Haydn get over his lack of confidence with girls and find a girlfriend.[3]

Series 2[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Michael, Brent & Sarah Michael's autism makes conversation difficult; Brent from Plymouth has Tourette's syndrome; and Sarah from Hertfordshire has expressive aphasia, which makes communication hard.[4]
2 Sam, Ray & Steve Featuring Sam, 34, who has achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism, Ray is 49, an office-worker who has a learning disability, and Steve, 30, who has a facial disfigurement, Crouzon Syndrome.[4]
3 Kate, Damian & Oliver The Undateables this time include incurable romantic Kate, who has Down's Syndrome, and Damian, who has albinism and whose dream date is a moonlit picnic in the park.[4]
4 Heather, Gareth & Matthew Heather has severe OCD. Gareth has brittle bones and has broken his legs over 150 times. Matthew has autism. Can the three of them find partners?[4]

Series 3[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Mary, Daniel & Hayley The Undateables returns to follow the journeys of several extraordinary singletons as they enter the dating circuit. This episode features Mary, a mature student with achondroplasia.[4]
2 Ruth & Zoe The dates this time include bisexual jazz singer Ruth and the incurably romantic Zoe.[4]
3 Michael, Ray, Brent, Kate & Steve This episode catches up with some memorable daters from previous shows, including incurable romantic Kate, and Michael, whose autism makes it hard for him to understand the rules of dating.[4]
4 Sam, Shaine, Richard & Justin This episode catches up with some memorable daters, including actor Sam, romantic poet Shaine, Richard, who has Asperger's, and self-confessed flirt and local hero Justin from Rugby, Warwickshire.[4]

Series 4[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Alex, Matthew & Daniella A professional model with a stammer gets his tape measure out. There are dates at a ski park and also at Brands Hatch race track.[4]
2 Tim, Ali & Alec Tim, who has a mild learning disability, meets Laura. Essex boy Ali has achondroplasia, and has never had a girlfriend. And will love blossom when raver Alec meets research scientist Charlie?[4]
3 Richard, Chris & Christina Richard, who has Asperger syndrome, has high hopes for his posh afternoon tea at a five star hotel with Tammy, while Chris, paralyzed from the chest down, longs to find lasting love.[4]
4 Ruth, Daniel & Michael Revisited The show catches up with Ruth, Daniel and Michael as they continue their quest to find love. Daniel, who has autism, goes on a bowling date with Charley, and Ruth meets comedian Nathalie.[4]
5 Two Weddings and a Baby This special episode follows some success stories from previous shows, as Brent and Steve plan to pop the question to their girlfriends and Carolyne prepares to become a mother.[4]

Series 5[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 James, Tammy & Tom How does James fare on a first date with Chloe? Will Tammy get over her first date nerves? And as Tom prepares to meet with Megan, what will he reveal of his Tourette's and Asperger's?[4]
2 James, Lucas & Tom James has a learning disability and has not had a girlfriend in 10 years. Lucas has facial dysplasia and wants to conquer his fear of being rejected. And Tom is looking for love of the magical kind.[4]
3 George, David & Bethany George, who is paralysed from the chest down, meets Nathalie; magician David, who has a learning disability, goes on a first date with Claire; and Bethany, who has Downs syndrome, meets Bradley.[4]
4 Holiday Romance Some of the Undateables from previous shows embark on romantic adventures overseas, including Alex and Eloise in France, and Brent and Challis in Amsterdam.[4]
5 Wedding Bells Steve, who has Crouzon Syndrome, prepares to marry Vicky, while Matthew is concerned that his stammer may hinder his bid to propose to Jessica.[4]

Series 6[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Sam, Kate & Ian Postman Sam has Asperger's syndrome. Kate has narcolepsy. Ian is going blind. Can they find love?[4]
2 Eddie, Lily & Pani Musician Eddie, who is autistic, meets Cassie for a date. Josh and Lily, who has Williams syndrome, go for a date at a haunted house. And Pani, who has dwarfism, meets Ellen.[4]
3 Jamie, Luke & Lizzie Jamie, who has Asperger's, has his first ever date. Luke, who's autistic, uses his language skills to impress Alice. And Lizzie, who has a learning disability, dreams of finding love.[4]
4 Shaine, Alex & Ray Shaine, who has a learning disability, goes on a date with an old school friend. And Alex, who's autistic, wants to celebrate his two year anniversary with Eloise in style.[4]
5 Richard, James, Tom & Daniel This episode catches up with familiar faces, including rugby player Tom, whose Tourette's and Asperger's leaves him short of dating confidence, and singer-songwriter Daniel who is autistic.[4]

Series 7[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Jason, Souleyman & Charley Jason is a transport buff with autism. Vlogger Charley has cerebral palsy. And Souleyman is a sprinter going blind, whose search for love is a race against the clock.[4]
2 Kaia, Rhys & Joshua Cooking enthusiast Kaia is profoundly deaf. James Bond fanatic Rhys is autistic. Keen gardener Joshua is also autistic. Can these three young people find a partner?[4]
3 Sam, Katy & Donovan Movie fan Sam, who is autistic, looks for his leading lady. Katy, who has Tourette's, seeks a man who accepts her for who she is. And Donovan is looking to bag a second date.[4]
4 Richard, Lizzie, Eddie & Sam Richard is 43 and autistic and last year managed his first ever second date. Can he now build on this success with Anna? There's also postman Sam. And the show also catches up with Lizzie and Eddie.[4]
5 Shaine, Lily, Ray & George Poet Shaine and Gemma celebrate their first anniversary, as ghost hunter Lily and charity worker Ray go looking for love again.[4]

Series 8[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Luke, Sam & Becky More singles looking for love. Like rugby player Luke, who has Tourette's, and Sam, who has Asperger's and finds the gay scene intimidating. There is also self-confessed romantic Becky.[4]
2 Nisar, Daniel & Fatima Trainee accountant and Bollywood fan Nisar has a stammer, grunge-lover Daniel has Asperger's and fashionista Fatmina has dwarfism.[4]
3 Amber, Richard & Nick The love-seekers this time include Amber, who suffered a major stroke eight years ago. Having learned to walk and talk again, Amber's ready to find her Prince Charming. There's also Nick and Richard.[4]
4 Alex, Jason & Tom The singletons looking for love are airplane buff Jason, rugby player and model Tom, and Alex - proud owner of a new sports car.[4]
5 Daniel, Shaine, Ray & Sam Rock star Daniel is dreaming of a girlfriend for Christmas. Poet Shaine is getting in the mistletoe. Ray plans a romantic date. And postman Sam plans to ask Francesca if she will be his girlfriend.[4]

Series 9[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Charlotte, Mitch & James Film buff Charlotte, who has Asperger's, is a sucker for romance. Mitch, who was born deaf, lip reads when dating, while James has all the chat-up lines ready to go.[4]
2 Rory, Roland & Molly Rory has Asperger's and hopes to meet a girl who shares his love of horror films. Roland wants a leading lady to serenade. And animal lover Molly seeks a soulmate.[4]
3 Jordan, Paige & Sam Three singletons go looking for love: personal trainer Jordan, who suffers from speech problems; vlogger Paige, who has cerebral palsy; and basketball player Sam from Shropshire.[4]
4 Ray, Jason & Luke Revisit The cameras catch-up with charity worker Ray, who's celebrates his first anniversary with Christine. And plane spotter Jason and Luke from Hull resume their search for The One.[4]
5 Christmas: A festive Proposal It’s almost Christmas and some familiar faces have big plans.

Series 10[edit]

Episode Title Description
1 Michael, Tobi & Emily In this episode, there's a poetry lover, a bold dance teacher anxious about meet-ups, and a tennis player seeking a guy with a six pack.

Additional episodes[edit]

Title Description Duration
Extra: What We Learnt About Love Some familiar faces from The Undateables explain what the series has taught them about love.[4] 4 minutes
Extra: A Guide to Dating A guide to navigating the tricky world of dating from some of The Undateables.[4] 4 minutes
The Undateables - Revisit This episode revisits Richard, an amateur radio enthusiast with Asperger's, and comedian Luke, who has Tourette's.[4] 47 minutes


There was a lot of controversy surrounding this show when it was first introduced from newspaper companies such as The Mirror and The Guardian, due to the word 'undateable' being used in the title to describe people with mental and physical disabilities. However, Channel 4 claim the title of the series was based upon Society's preconceptions.[5] The Undateables faced a lot of back lash from Doctors who branded the show "offensive" and "exploitative". Dr Rachael Pickering said the series left her "disturbed at being part of a society that might seek to view disabled people as a source of comedy". She also spoke with the BMA, British Medical Association, annual representatives about the danger of patients being exploited by the TV documentary. [6] In an interview with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning one of the stars of the show, Tammy, has said she finds it insulting that she would be exploited in any way, as she goes on to say that she is disfigured, not stupid.[7]

Stars of the documentary[edit]

  • Daniel Wakeford - Since appearing on the show Daniel has created 2 hit albums and is selling out shows across the UK. He is also currently dating Lily who he met on the show.[8]
  • Brent Zillwood - Brent is now married to Challis who appeared on the show as Brent's date, they married in Las Vegas one year later in 2015.[9]
  • Bethany Asher - Bethany did not find love through her dates on The Undateables, however Tom reached out to her after seeing her on the show and are currently dating.[10]
  • Steve Carruthers

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Association Category Nominee(s) Result
2014 BAFTA Television Award [11] TV Programme of the Year The Undateables Nominated
2017 Diversity in Media Awards TV Programme of the Year The Undateables Nominated


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