The Undertones (album)

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The Undertones
CD The Undertones.jpg
Original May 1979 cover release of The Undertones
Studio album by The Undertones
Released 13 May 1979
Recorded Eden Studios and Mrs. Simms Shed, Derry
Genre Punk rock
Length 29:29
Label Sire
Producer Roger Bechirian
The Undertones chronology
The Undertones
Cover of October 1979 re-release of The Undertones
Both images of the vinyl album cover of The Undertones could be described as "front covers", as the track listings and name of album/group are shown on both sides.

The Undertones is the 1979 debut album by The Undertones. The album was recorded at Eden Studios in London in early 1979 and released on 13 May that year.[1] The original release included just one single release: "Jimmy Jimmy" and an album version of "Here Comes The Summer", which was never released as a single.

A re-released version of the album (housed in an alternate sleeve), was issued in October 1979. The re-released album also included the Undertones' first two singles: "Teenage Kicks" and "Get Over You" alongside both "Jimmy Jimmy" and a single version of "Here Comes The Summer", which had been released in July. In addition, the song "Casbah Rock" was included as the final track of the album.

Numerous polls conducted since 1979 have placed The Undertones as one of the greatest albums to be released in the 1970s and one of the Top 40 Punk/New Wave albums of all time,[2] with the single "Teenage Kicks" being listed by the BBC Radio 2 as the 51st best song ever released.[3]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[4]
Robert Christgau B+[5]
Smash Hits 7/10[6]

Track listing[edit]

Side one
No. Title Written by Length
1. "Family Entertainment"   Damian O'Neill 2:37
2. "Girls Don't Like It"   J. J. O'Neill 2:19
3. "Male Model"   J. J. O'Neill, Michael Bradley, Damian O'Neill 1:54
4. "I Gotta Getta"   J. J. O'Neill 1:53
5. "Wrong Way"   Billy Doherty 1:23
6. "Jump Boys"   J. J. O'Neill 2:40
7. "Here Comes The Summer"   J. J. O'Neill 1:42
Side two
No. Title Written by Length
1. "Billy's Third"   Billy Doherty 1:57
2. "Jimmy Jimmy"   J. J. O'Neill 2:41
3. "True Confessions"   J. J. O'Neill, Michael Bradley, Damian O'Neill 1:52
4. "She's A Runaround"   J. J. O'Neill 1:49
5. "I Know a Girl"   J. J. O'Neill, Michael Bradley, Damian O'Neill 2:35
6. "Listening In"   J . J. O'Neill, Michael Bradley, Damian O'Neill 2:24
7. "Casbah Rock"   J. J. O'Neill 0:47
Bonus tracks (issued on CD releases only)
No. Title Written by Length
15. "Teenage Kicks"   J. J. O'Neill 2:28
16. "True Confessions (single version)"   J. J. O'Neill, Michael Bradley, Damian O'Neill 1:56
17. "Emergency Cases"   J. J. O'Neill 1:59
18. "Smarter Than You"   Damian O'Neill, Michael Bradley, Billy Doherty 1:38
19. "Get Over You"   J. J. O'Neill 2:46
20. "Really Really"   Billy Doherty 1:52
21. "She Can Only Say No"   J. J. O'Neill 0:54
22. "Here Comes The Summer (single version)"   J. J. O'Neill 1:46
23. "One Way Love"   J. J. O'Neill 2:16
24. "Top Twenty"   J. J. O'Neill 2:14
25. "Mars Bars"   Damian O'Neill, Michael Bradley 2:10
26. "You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?)"   J. J. O'Neill 2:41
27. "Let's Talk About Girls"   Manny Freiser* 3:40
28. "Top Twenty (Peel session)"   J. J. O'Neill 2:03
29. "Nine Times Out of Ten (Peel session)"   J. J. O'Neill, Billy Doherty 2:33
30. "The Way Girls Talk (Peel session)"   J. J. O'Neill 2:40
31. "Whizz Kids (Peel session)"   Damian O'Neill 2:23


  • A 1979 end of year critic list published by Melody Maker placed The Undertones as the sixth best album to be released that year.[8]
  • A 1993 poll by NME placed The Undertones' debut album as the 50th greatest album to be released in the 1970s.[9]
  • In a 2000 poll by Q magazine, to find the '100 Greatest British Albums Ever' as voted by the British public, The Undertones' eponymous debut LP was voted the 90th greatest album ever written by British artists.
  • A 2006 poll by UK-based rock music magazine Kerrang! lists The Undertones as the 19th greatest punk album ever to be released.[10]
  • The Undertones' debut LP was also listed in "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die:" a poll selected and written by 90 leading international music critics.[11]



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