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The Underwear Expert
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OwnerMichael Kleinmann
EditorMichael Kleinmann

The Underwear Expert is a men’s underwear blog featuring underwear styles, advice and reviews, model photos and exclusive interviews, fabric glossary, men’s underwear trend analysis and style and service-oriented content.[1][2] According to the New York Times, The Underwear Expert is "comprehensive website dedicated to researching, testing, reviewing and even curating for sale underpants."[3]

Michael Kleinmann is Editor-in-chief of the blog.[4][5][6] Kleinmann was president and COO of Freshpair from 2001 to 2011, before starting up The Underwear Expert.[7][8] Kleinmann also writes men’s underwear articles for The Huffington Post.[9]

While comfort and fit are important when underwear shopping, Kleinmann claims that men’s underwear is now a fashion item, with no less than 600 brands producing them.[1][3] He compares the underwear movement to sneakers, just another outlet for expression, with many fabric, style and color choices becoming available on the market.[7]




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