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The Union Credit Union
Credit union
Industry Financial services
Founded 1968
Headquarters Spokane, Washington, United States
Products Savings; checking; consumer loans; mortgages; credit cards; online banking

The Union Credit Union is a credit union chartered to serve union members. A national advocate for unions and union members, it is headquartered in Spokane, Washington, United States.

In 1968 members of Bricklayers Local 3 founded The Union Credit Union as a not-for-profit means of obtaining loans and saving money. The credit union served only trade union members and was named Inland Empire Trades Credit Union. Today members from any union can belong and bank at The Union Credit Union. The families of union members, union employers and unions can also hold accounts and obtain loans at The Union Credit Union.

The Union Credit Union received media attention in 2008 for a series of advertisements using the phrase "It just works for me" without a logo or name attached.[1]


The credit union's mission is to provide union members with a not-for-profit banking alternative. The Union Credit Union is the only remaining credit union in the United States run by an all union staff, board and management. The credit union has positioned itself as an advocate against union-affiliated credit unions merging into community chartered credit unions resulting in the loss of services to union members.


The Union Credit Union has an all union staff, all union volunteer board of directors and the CEO is also a union member. Demaris Krummel is the CEO of The Union Credit Union.


The Union Credit Union allows union members to skip loan payments during difficult times, including union strike. Members can obtain Step-Up Loans for tools, job training or college. The credit union also handles payroll for union shops.


The Union Credit Union has partnerships with the following unions to serve their members:

Grant program[edit]

The Step-Up Program is a consumer financial education and workforce development program to help the 2.7 million union workers in Washington state to take the next step up in life. Below market rate, not-for-profit Step-Up Loans are offered to union workers at their place of employment and union halls. The loans are used to cultivate new skills and obtain tools that support workforce development.

The program was conceptualized from the historical writings of Edward Filene’s vision in founding both unions and credit unions in the United States to serve the employees of Filene's Department Store. Filene was an advocate for workers' rights and supported his staff in collective bargaining. He also was a founder of the Chamber of Commerce - understanding what was good for employees was also good for business.

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