The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project

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The Unit
Idol Rebooting Project The Unit.jpg
The Uni+ Promotional Poster[1]
GenreReality show
Created byKBS Variety Production
Directed by
  • Park Ji-yeong
  • Won Seung-yeon
  • Son Su-hee
  • Shim Jae-hyeon
  • Bang Keul-i
  • Choi Ji-na
  • Seo Yong-su[2]
Presented byRain
Opening theme"My Turn"
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes28[a] + 2 special episodes
Executive producers
  • Han Kyeong-cheon[2]
  • Kim Kwang-Soo[4]
Running time60 minutes[a]
Production companiesKBS Variety Production
The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project Culture Industry Company
Original networkKBS2
Original releaseOctober 28, 2017 (2017-10-28) –
February 10, 2018 (2018-02-10)

Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit (Korean아이돌 리부팅 프로젝트 더 유닛) is a South Korean survival reality show on KBS2. The concept of the show is to form male and female unit groups of nine members each, among idols who had already debuted.[5] The show is aiming to give them a fair chance to demonstrate their talents that they may not have been able to showcase before.


KBS announced in July 2017 that they had started production of a reality show under the working title The Final 99 Match.[5] On August 2, the show's first teaser was released under the new title The Unit, stylized as The Uni+, which stands for "You and I Plus". The show also launched its official website on the same day along with application forms available for any idols interested in joining to fill in and submit, as well as a bulletin board wherein idol recommendations from anyone can be submitted.[2]

Booting Evaluations[edit]

During the Booting Evaluations, members of the audience vote while the contestants perform. The contestants will receive 1 Boot when 15% of the audience votes for them. When 90% of the audience vote for the contestants, which is known as "Super Boot", the whole group will be able to join the show immediately. If the contestants do not receive a "Super Boot", the Mentors will determine whether to pass each performer or not. Contestants who receive at least 1 boot from any of the mentors will be able to join the show.[6] The Booting Evaluations were held at the Kintex Hall 9 in Ilsan between September 29 and October 1, 2017.[7]

Theme Song[edit]

It has been reported that 126 contestants who passed the Booting Evaluations have started filming a music video from October 7 to October 9 as part of a mission. The center group will consist of nine males and nine females, and the most stand-out contestant will be the “center of the center". On October 13, 'The Unit' has dropped the music video for the competitors' first challenge "My Turn", which also aired on that day on KBS's Music Bank, featuring Sonamoo's Euijin and IM's Kijoong as the girls' and boys' center respectively.


“The Unit” opened up voting at 10 p.m. KST on November 11, and servers crashed approximately 15 minutes later as people rushed to place their votes. Voting for the show will be exclusively done through TMON's website, with only one vote for each TMON ID. Anyone who supports the 126 contestants can participate. Each person will choose nine male contestants to form their own “Uni+ B” and nine female contestants to form “Uni+ G”. Within their top nine choices, the voters will pick their favorite contestant, who will be awarded two votes while the remaining eight will receive one vote. This will mean that each voter will be able to help out a total of 18 contestants, to achieve their dreams.

As from Episode 11 onwards, the voting system underwent a major change. It was announced that the voting will be exclusively done through “The Unit” official mobile app. Each person will pick only three contestants from “Uni+ B” and “Uni+ G” and is allowed to vote only once per day. The voting period started from 12 p.m KST on 7 January and will be closed at 11.59 p.m KST on 25 January 2018.

Post The Unit[edit]

On February 24's broadcast of The Unit's Special Show, it was announced that UNI+ B's band name will be UNB and UNI+ G's band name will be UNI.T.[8]


Booting Evaluations[edit]

Color key
   Mentor who had given a Boot
     Artist received a Super Boot
     Artist received Boots from all of the Mentors
     Artist did not receive any Boots
       Artist who did not receive any Boots, but selected to join The Unit

Note: Mentor votes for some artists weren't indicated. The number of boots are shown instead. For some artists, the number of boots were retrieved from the show's official site.

Episode 1 (October 28)[edit]

Order Artist Debut Group Song Audience Boots Mentor Boots
Chi-yeul Hyuna Rain Taemin Hyun-ah San E[A]
1 Heejin Good Day "Into the New World" 4
Viva Received 3 boots
Genie Received 2 boots
2 Chan A.C.E "Don't Wanna Know" 3
3 Lee Hyunjoo April "Pretty Girl" 5
4 Jun U-KISS "Dang Dang Dang" Super Boot No evaluation
5 Yujeong Brave Girls "Irony" 3 Received 5 boots
Eunji Received 1 boot
6 Hyeyeon Bestie "Only Wanna Give It to You" 3
7 ZN Laboum "Come On Over Baby" 3 Received 3 boots
Yujeong Received 4 boots
Haein Received 5 boots
8 Woohee Dal Shabet "Lady Marmalade" 4
9 Han Areum T-ara "Day and Night" 3
10 Im Junhyeok Day6 "In Front of Your House" 4
11 Siyoon Paran Self-written rap 0
12 Feeldog Big Star "Flower Road" 4
13 Lee Jungha Actor "What's Going On" 2
14 Lee Juhyeon Cube Entertainment Trainee "Valenti" 4
15 Yang Jiwon Spica "Tonight" Super Boot No evaluation

Episode 2 (November 4)[edit]

Order Artist Debut Group Song Audience Boots Mentor Boots
Chi-yeul Hyuna Rain Taemin Hyun-ah San E[A]
1 Daewon Madtown "Who You?" 3
Lee Geon
2 Somyi DIA "Happiness" 4 Received 3 boots
Yebin Received 3 boots
3 Euijin Sonamoo "Bubble Pop" 4
4 Donghyun Boyfriend "Pop" 4
5 Rockhyun 100% ""O"-Jung.Ban.Hap." 4
6 Yeoeun Melody Day "Twinkle" Super Boot No evaluation
7 Zett AFOS Unknown
8 Lee Min-woo C-Clown
9 Kim Hyun-jae BLACK6IX 1
10 Jin MVP "Hard Carry" 3 Received 1 boot
Rayoon Received 5 boots
PK Received 5 boots
Gi Taek
Kang Han
11 Joo Soloist "The Face I Miss" 4
12 Kanto Troy "Boogie On & On" 5
Kang Minhee Miss $ Received 4 boots
13 Ryu Philip SoReal "Because You're My Girl" Unknown
14 Seol Hayoon Soloist "Heart Attack" 1
15 Giseok IM "Very Nice" Super Boot No evaluation
16 Janey GP Basic "Change" 3
17 Shin Jihoon Soloist "Uphill Road" 4
18 Euna Kim The Ark "Blue Moon" 5
19 Lee Suji "Flight From Paris" 4
20 Marco Hot Blood Youth (H.B.Y) "Nillili Mambo" 5
21 Sungjun Boys Republic "Overdose" 5 Received 2 boots
Onejunn Received 2 boots
Suwoong Received 2 boots
22 Kim Timoteo Hotshot "Ko Ko Bop" Super Boot No evaluation
Go Hojung

Episode 3 (November 11)[edit]

Order Artist Debut Group Song Audience Boots Mentor Boots
Chi-yeul Hyuna Rain Taemin Hyun-ah San E[A]
1 Saebyeol Matilda "Show Me How You Burlesque" 5
2 Euijin BIGFLO "Apology" 3 Received 5 boots
3 Seungjin A-JAX "Boom Boom" Super Boot No Evaluation
4 Jungsang A.cian "B-Day" 3 Received 4 boots
5 Gunwoo Myname "Breath" 4 Received 3 boots
Chaejin Received 4 boots
Jun.Q Received 4 boots
Seyong Received 5 boots
6 Gunmin B.I.G "Yeah!" 4
Heedo Received 3 boots
7 Sangil Snuper "Just Right" 5 Received 2 boots
Sebin Received 1 boot
Suhyun Received 2 boots
8 Taeho Imfact "You're The Best" Unknown Received 2 boots
Ungjae Received 4 boots
Jian Received 2 boots
Jeup Received 1 boot
9 Yonghoon MAS "Kissing Strangers" 4 Received 2 boots
Harin Received 2 boots
Kanghyun Received 2 boots
Dongmyeong Received 2 boots
Cya Received 2 boots
10 Park Jiwon Park Sisters "Chandelier" Unknown
11 Lee Borim Actor "Sweet Dreams" Unknown Received 4 boots
12 Mint Tiny-G "Already Go Lady" 2 Received 4 boots
13 Kwon Haseo Real Girls Project "You, Clouds, Rain" Unknown Received 4 boots
14 Yena G-reyish "So Hot" Unknown
15 Kim Rubber Soul "MOMMAE" 3
16 Hyosun H.U.B "CRZY" 3
17 NC.A Soloist "Watch Memories" Super Boot No evaluation
18 Ji Hansol Trainee "Goodbye" Super Boot No evaluation

Unaired Performances[edit]

Order Artist Debut Group Song Audience Boots Mentor Boots
Chi-yeul Hyuna Rain Taemin Hyun-ah San E[A]
1 Jungha Beatwin "A Real Lady" 3 Received 1 boot
2 Bomi ACEMAX-RED "Blood Sweat & Tears" 3
Lena Received 1 boot
3 Casper Cross Gene "All of Me" 4
4 Kyeongha TOPSECRET Let's Get It Started 4 Received 5 boots
Junghoon Received 3 boots
5 B-Joo Topp Dogg "Everybody" 5 Received 3 boots
Hojoon Received 1 boot
6 Sejun Speed "Zero For Conduct" 3 Received 2 boots
Oh Seungri
7 Z-Uk Bigflo "Fear" 2 Received 2 boots
8 Seongho Beatwin "Don't Flirt" 3 Received 1 boot
9 Dabin BabyBoo MTBD(Mental Breakdown 4
10 Soya Soya n Sun "Firework" 5
11 I Soloist "Atlantis Princess + Dessert" 4
12 Chaewon S2 "Push Push" 2
Yujeong Received 1 boot
13 Nari Wa$$up Bitch Better Have My Money 1
14 Anne S.I.S "Glass Bead" 3 Received 5 boots
Gaeul Received 2 boots
15 Yuji APPLE.B "Dumb Dumb" 3 Received 3 boots
Sandy Received 2 boots
16 Yeseul Wings "Mr. Ambiguous" 4 Received 3 boots
17 Han Seoin The SeeYa Bloom 2 Received 2 boots
18 Hanbi LipBubble "I Got You" Unknown Received 2 boots
19 Yoonjo Hello Venus "Galaxy" 3
20 Soon.E S.E.T "One Night Only" Unknown


Top 9[edit]

Color key
       New Top 9

First voting period[edit]

# Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 7
1 Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) Yang Jiwon Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) = Yang Jiwon = Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) = Yang Jiwon =
2 Donghyun (Boyfriend) Yebin (DIA) Donghyun (Boyfriend) = Euijin (Sonamoo) ↑3 Jun (U-Kiss) ↑1 Euijin (Sonamoo) =
3 Feeldog (Bigstar) Euna Kim Jun (U-Kiss) ↑3 Yebin (DIA) ↓1 Donghyun (Boyfriend) ↓1 Yebin (DIA) =
4 Go Hojung (Hotshot) NC.A Feeldog (Bigstar) ↓1 Euna Kim ↓1 Feeldog (Bigstar) = NC.A ↑1
5 Ji Hansol Euijin (Sonamoo) Go Hojung (Hotshot) ↓1 NC.A ↓1 Go Hojung (Hotshot) = Euna Kim ↓1
6 Jun (U-Kiss) Woohee (Dal Shabet) Ji Hansol ↓1 Lee Hyunjoo ↑3 Kijoong (IM) ↑1 Woohee (Dal Shabet) ↑1
7 Kijoong (IM) Hyosun (H.U.B) Kijoong (IM) = Woohee (Dal Shabet) ↓1 Ji Hansol ↓1 Lee Hyunjoo ↓1
8 Dongmyeong (MAS) Joo Rockhyun (100%) ↑3 Hyosun (H.U.B) ↓1 Daewon (Madtown) ↑1 Hyosun (H.U.B) =
9 Kanto (Troy) Lee Hyunjoo Daewon (Madtown) ↑4 Lee Suji ↑2 Euijin (Bigflo) ↑7 Lee Suji =

Second voting period[edit]

# Episode 8 Episode 10
1 Jun (U.Kiss)↑1 Euijin (Sonamoo)↑1 Jun (U.Kiss) = 134,905 Euijin (Sonamoo) = 145,981
2 Donghyun (Boyfriend) ↑1 Yebin (DIA) ↑1 Euijin (Bigflo) ↑2 124,061 Yebin (DIA) = 113,830
3 Feeldog (Bigstar) ↑1 NC.A ↑1 Donghyun (Boyfriend) ↓1 122,412 NC.A = 112,116
4 Euijin (Bigflo) ↑5 Yang Jiwon ↓3 Feeldog (Bigstar) ↓1 107,586 Euna Kim ↑2 110,993
5 Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) ↓4 Lee Hyunjoo ↑2 Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) = 105,115 Yang Jiwon ↓1 104,819
6 Go Hojung (Hotshot) ↓1 Euna Kim ↓1 Go Hojung (Hotshot) = 100,178 Jiwon (Good Day) ↑2 81,097
7 Kijoong (IM) ↓1 Yoonjo ↑7 Kijoong (IM) = 94,051 Yoonjo = 80,980
8 Daewon (Madtown) = Jiwon (Good Day) ↑2 Daewon (Madtown) = 82,335 Lee Hyunjoo ↓3 80,898
9 Kanto (Troy) ↑3 Lee Suji = Jeup (Imfact) ↑4 79,489 Semmi (Matilda) ↑33 79,606

Third voting period[edit]

# Episode 11 Episode 13
1 Euijin (Bigflo) ↑1 Euijin (Sonamoo) = Jun (U.Kiss) ↑1 229,486 Euijin (Sonamoo) = 208,436
2 Jun (U.Kiss) ↓1 Yebin (DIA) = Euijin (Bigflo) ↓1 200,196 Semmi (Matilda) ↑3 169,564
3 Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) ↑2 NC.A = Go Hojung (Hotshot) ↑2 146,376 Yebin (DIA) ↓1 149,600
4 Feeldog (Bigstar) = Yang Jiwon ↑1 Feeldog (Bigstar) = 133,294 NC.A ↓1 140,594
5 Go Hojung (Hotshot) ↑1 Semmi (Matilda) ↑4 Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) ↓2 129,296 Lee Suji ↑2 129,118
6 Donghyun (Boyfriend) ↓3 Euna Kim ↓2 Ji Hansol ↑6 88,010 Jiwon (Good Day) ↑2 128,460
7 Kijoong (IM) = Lee Suji ↑3 Donghyun (Boyfriend) ↓1 84,850 Euna Kim ↓1 121,758
8 Jeup (Imfact) ↑1 Jiwon (Good Day) ↓2 Seyong (Myname) ↑1 84,778 Yang Jiwon ↓4 103,704
9 Seyong (Myname) ↑5 Lee Hyunjoo ↓1 Daewon (Madtown) ↑1 83,720 Woohee (Dal Shabet) ↑1 99,304

Final Top 9[edit]

It was announced that the boy group would be called UNB and girl group to be called Uni.T.

# Episode 14 (Finals)
1 Jun (U.KISS) = 165,302 Euijin (SONAMOO) = 108,066
2 Euijin (Bigflo) = 164,838 Yebin (DIA) ↑1 83,910
3 Go Hojung (Hotshot) = 90,510 NC.A ↑1 82,074
4 Feeldog (Bigstar) = 82,170 Yoonjo ↑8 78,519
5 Marco (H.B.Y) ↑11 81,606 Lee Hyunjoo ↑5 72,090
6 Ji Hansol = 78,504 Yang Jiwon ↑2 68,193
7 Daewon (Madtown) ↑2 77,886 Woohee (Dal Shabet) ↑2 66,054
8 Kijoong (IM) ↑2 77,337 ZN (Laboum) ↑3 61,023
9 Chan (A.C.E) ↑6 74,367 Lee Suji ↓4 60,954

Elimination chart[edit]

Color Key

Male Contestant[edit]

First Mission: The Music Video[edit]

After the Booting Evaluations, the contestants were tasked to form groups of 9 for the first mission. The winning team for each gender will become the center team in the music video of the show's theme song "My Turn".

Uni+ B Evaluations[edit]

Team[D] Place[9] Members
Red 1 Kijoong (Center), Donghyun (Leader), Feeldog, Rockhyun, Kim Timoteo, Lee Geon, Ji Hansol, Kanto, Go Hojung
White 4 Jungha (Center), Daewon (Leader), Jian, Suhyun, Dongmyeong, Yonghoon, Cya, Kanghyun, Harin
Black 2 Jun (A.C.E) (Center and Leader), Chan, PK, Rayoon, Jin, Taeeun, Jungsang, Sangil, Im Junhyeok
Orange 7 Taeho (Center), Casper (Leader), Ungjae, Z-Uk, Chaejin, Jun.Q, Hyukjin, Lee Jungha, Marco
Yellow 3 Hangyul (Center), Raehwan (Leader), Sunghak, Gunmin, Sungjun, Suwoong, Sejun, Seongho, Jeup
Green 5 Jun (U-Kiss) (Center), Hojoon (Leader), B-Joo, Taro, Heedo, Lex, Jin.O, Seungjin, Joonghee
Blue 6 Seyong (Center and Leader), Gunwoo, Jude, Euijin, Onejunn, Kyeongha, Junghoon, Giseok, Sebin

Uni+ G Evaluations[edit]

Team[D] Place[9] Members
Black 3 Serri (Center), Yang Jiwon (Leader), Woohee, Nari, Yujeong (Laboum), ZN, Dan-A, Haena, Park Jiwon
Red 1 Euijin (Center), Eunji (Leader), Yebin, Somyi, Yeoeun, Chahee, Yoomin, Han Seoin, Lee Borim
Yellow 5 Yena (Center), Kang Minhee (Leader), Eunbyeol, Hanbi, Tae.E, Eun.E, Yujeong (S2), Heejin, Sebin
White 2 Anne (Center), Haein (Leader), Gaeul, Lee Suji, Euna Kim, Jiwon, Chaesol, Janey, Yujeong (Brave Girls)
Orange 7 Lee Hyunjoo (Center), Han Areum (Leader), Kim, Seol Hayoon, Mint, Dabin, Hyosun, Bomi, Lee Juhyeon
Green 4 I (Center), Hyeyeon (Leader), Yoonjo, NC.A, Chaewon, Saebyeol, Semmi, Genie, Viva
Blue 6 Sandy (Center), Joo (Leader), Yuji, Yeseul, Soya, Lena, Kwon Haseo, Lucky, Shin Jihoon

Second Mission: Restart Mission[edit]

Contestants will choose one of the given songs of different concepts that they are confident in; new teams of nine are formed. Voting of each contestant is conducted during the performances. The winning team for each gender with the most votes will win a benefit of immunity from elimination after the end of the first voting round, regardless of current overall vote rankings in the show, plus the chance to perform in Rain's comeback stage.

UNI+ G (Episode 5)[edit]

Color key

  •   Leader
  •   Highest Score Overall
Order Team Song Artist Votes Total Result
1 Black "Rough"
by GFriend
NC.A 267 1,266 5th Place
Gaeul 161
Shin Jihoon 142
Chahee 141
Lee Juhyeon 131
Lee Hyunjoo 127
Eunji 116
Han Seoin 98
Genie 83
2 Blue "Crazy"
by 4Minute
Hyosun 273 1,635 2nd Place
Euna Kim 223
Nari 196
Serri 183
Dabin 171
Mint 170
Euijin 165
Viva 146
Saebyeol 108
3 Yellow "Heart Attack"
by AOA
Yoonjo 172 929 7th Place
Yoomin 159
Somyi 122
Lena 98
Park Jiwon 88
Yena 84
Tae.E 80
Yujeong (S2) 67
Eunbyeol 59
4 Orange "Red Flavor"
by Red Velvet
Jiwon 183 1,051 6th Place
I 159
Yebin 151
Lee Suji 137
Yujeong (Brave Girls) 98
Sebin 89
Yuji 87
Dan-A 78
Lucky 69
5 Green "You're The Best"
by Mamamoo
Yang Jiwon 302 1,947 1st Place
Eun.E 285
Heejin 248
Kang Minhee 223
Haena 208
Joo 191
Hyeyeon 189
Han Areum 152
Yeseul 149
6 White "Give It to Me"
by Sistar
Yeoeun 280 1,389 3rd Place
Seol Hayoon 208
Semmi 203
Chaewon 156
Kwon Haseo 150
Haein 147
Janey 118
Kim 82
Bomi 45
7 Red "Gee"
by Girls' Generation
Woohee 228 1,337 4th Place
ZN 218
Yujeong (Laboum) 185
Soya 181
Chaesol 121
Anne 115
Lee Borim 113
Hanbi 112
Sandy 64

UNI+ B (Episode 6)[edit]

Color key

  •   Leader
  •   Highest Score Overall
Order Team Song Artist Votes Total Result
1 White "Fire"
by BTS
Suwoong 246 1,247 2nd Place
Jun.Q 149
Sungjun 145
Hangyul 140
Ungjae 137
Taeeun 125
Jungsang 110
Taeho 100
Jude 95
2 Green "Heartbeat"
by 2PM
Seyong 220 1,199 4th Place
Jungha 147
Sangil 145
Euijin 140
Sebin 135
Casper 117
Hyukjin 111
Gunwoo 97
Seongho 87
3 Orange "Monster"
by EXO
Donghyun 222 1,438 1st Place
Kim Timoteo 166
Raehwan 160
Lee Geon 157
Ji Hansol 157
Jeup 150
Gunmin 145
Rockhyun 142
Jun (A.C.E) 139
4 Yellow "Juliette"
by Shinee
Kijoong 176 1,183 5th Place
Marco 158
Chaejin 150
Go Hojung 146
Dongmyeong 146
Sunghak 108
Jin 104
Lex 101
Hojoon 94
5 Red "Perfect Man"
by Shinhwa
Jun (U-Kiss) 224 1,232 3rd Place
Chan 188
Lee Jungha 162
Rayoon 136
Im Junhyeok 124
Onejunn 113
P.K 112
Jin.O 108
Harin 65
6 Black "Boom Boom"
by Seventeen
Feeldog 241 1,138 6th Place
Giseok 130
Seungjin 125
Daewon 124
B-Joo 124
Joonghee 109
Heedo 107
Kyeongha 100
Jian 78
7 Blue "H.E.R"
by Block B
Kanto 214 1,044 7th Place
Suhyun 125
Taro 124
Sejun 122
Z-Uk 101
Yonghoon 96
Junghoon 90
Cya 88
Kanghyun 84

Third Mission: Self-producing[edit]

Contestants will be grouped by the mentors based on the following categories: Vocal, Rap-Vocal and Performance. All performances are self-arranged by the contestants themselves, with live band accompaniments for the Vocal and Rap-Vocal categories. The mission will be based on a rival match basis. Voting of each contestant is conducted during the performances. The top 3 members of the winning category team for each gender will win a benefit of immunity from elimination at the end of the 2nd voting round, regardless of current overall vote rankings in the show.

Color key

  •   Leader
  •   Winning Team
Episode Order Category Individual Rank Song Artists Song
Winning Team Losing Team
Episode 8
(Saturday, December 16)
1 Vocal
1st "U R"
by Taeyeon
Rockhyun Yellow
(321 votes)
(317 votes)
Jeup "Miracles in December"
by EXO
2nd Dongmyeong Lee Geon
3rd Im Junhyeok Hyukjin
4th Lex Chaejin
5th Taeho Jungsang
6th Suhyun Sangil
2 Rap-Vocal
1st "Who's Your Mama?"
by Park Jin-young featuring Jessi
Euna Kim Orange
(383 votes)
(154 votes)
Chahee "Blood Sweat & Tears"
by BTS
2nd Semmi Kwon Haseo
3rd Somyi Janey
4th Jiwon Joo
5th Yang Jiwon Yujeong (Brave Girls)
6th Kim Han Areum
7th Yoonjo N/A
8th Yoomin
9th Yeseul
3 Performance
1st "Stay"
by Zedd and Alessia Cara
"Chained Up"
Euijin Black
(315 votes)
(306 votes)
Seyong "Manners Maketh Man"
from Kingsman: The Secret Service soundtrack
"That's What I Like"
by Bruno Mars
2nd Ji Hansol Feeldog
3rd Kim Timoteo Go Hojung
4th Hangyul Kijoong
5th B-Joo Daewon
6th Sunghak Jun (A.C.E)
7th Gunmin Sungjun
8th Seungjin Rayoon
9th Hojoon Taeeun
Episode 9
(Saturday, December 23)
4 Vocal
1st "Jackpot"
by Block B
by Rain
Heejin Yellow
(334 votes)
(290 votes)
NC.A "Last Dance"
by Big Bang
2nd Yeoeun Haena
3rd Woohee Yebin
4th Hyeyeon Yujeong (Laboum)
5th Shin Jihoon Lucky
6th N/A Kang Minhee
7th Seol Hayoon
8th Eun.E
9th Gaeul
5 Performance
1st "Problem"
by Ariana Grande
Euijin Black
(337 votes)
(298 votes)
Hyosun "Partition"
"Run The World"
by Beyoncé
2nd ZN Nari
3rd Lee Hyunjoo Lee Suji
4th Lee Borim Anne
5th Haein Viva
6th Dan-A Mint
7th Park Ji-won Lee Juhyeon
8th Yena N/A
9th Serri
6 Rap-Vocal
1st "Butterfly"
by BTS
Jun (U-Kiss) Orange
(291 votes)
(282 votes)
Jungha "Bermuda Triangle"
by Zico featuring Dean, Crush
"Red Sun"
by Hangzoo featuring Zico, Swings
2nd Suwoong Chan
3rd Casper Donghyun
4th Ungjae Jun.Q
5th Raehwan Marco
6th Heedo Kanto
7th Gunwoo Lee Jungha
8th Giseok N/A

Overall Ranking[edit]

Color key

  •   Winning Team (Top 3 members in the team get immunity from elimination at the end of the 2nd voting round.)
Ranking Team (UNI+ B Category) Team (UNI+ G Category)
1st Yellow (Vocal) Orange (Rap-Vocal)
2nd Green (Vocal) Black (Performance)
3rd Black (Performance) Yellow (Vocal)
4th Red (Performance) Red (Performance)
5th Orange (Rap-Vocal) Green (Vocal)
6th Blue (Rap-Vocal) Blue (Rap-Vocal)

Fourth Mission: Digital Singles Release[edit]

The remaining contestants after the 2nd Voting Announcement will form 5 groups for each gender, formed by the top 5 contestants from the Self-producing Mission. These formed groups will perform newly produced songs produced by reputable music producers, and these songs will be released as digital singles. Voting of each contestant is conducted during the performances. The winning team for each gender in this mission will have their songs labelled as title tracks in the single albums categorised by gender and the 2 songs' music videos will be directed by well-known directors Hong Won-ki and Lee Gi-taek. Plus, every contestant in the winning team will receive a benefit of additional online votes (1st placed contestant gets 10,000 additional votes, 2nd placed contestant gets 7,000 additional votes, and every other contestant in the team gets 5,000 additional votes), which can help in their rankings by the end of the 3rd voting round.

UNI+ B (Episode 11)[edit]

Color key

  •   Leader
  •   Winning Team
Order Team Song
Individual Rank Artist Total Result
1 Red "No Way"
(Seo Jae-woo, Breadbeat)
1st Kanto 330 5th Place
2nd Kim Timoteo
3rd Jeup
4th Suwoong
5th Taeho
2 Green "You're Mine" (내꺼)
(Kim Seung-soo)
1st Marco 343 3rd Place
2nd Rockhyun
3rd Jun.Q
4th Feeldog
5th B-Joo
6th Lee Jungha
3 White "My Story"
(Gabriel Branders, Nato Okabe, Daniel Rohtmann)
1st Seyong 333 4th Place
2nd Kijoong
3rd Raehwan
4th Heedo
5th Rayoon
6th Jun (A.C.E)
7th Sungjun
8th Im Junhyeok
4 Yellow "All Day"
(Wonder, Breadbeat, Roydo)
1st Jun (U-Kiss) 362 1st Place
2nd Hangyul
3rd Go Hojung
4th Chan
5th Ji Hansol
6th Dongmyeong
5 Orange "Question"
(Choi Hyun-jun, Park Seul-gi)
1st Euijin 356 2nd Place
2nd Lee Geon
3rd Donghyun
4th Giseok
5th Daewon
6th Ungjae
7th Jungha

UNI+ G (Episode 12)[edit]

Color key

  •   Leader
  •   Winning Team
Order Team Song
Individual Rank Artist Total Result
1 Yellow "Cherry On Top"
(Damon Sharpe, Alina Smith, Annalise Morelli, Mats Ymell)
1st Euijin 374 2nd place
2nd Semmi
3rd Lee Borim
4th Haein
5th Yoomin
6th Yena
2 Orange "Poco a Poco"
(Duble Sidekick, Bull$Eye, Song Ho-il)
1st Yang Jiwon 320 5th place
2nd Somyi
3rd Yoonjo
4th Lucky
5th Chahee
6th Hyeyeon
3 Red "Cosmos"
(Jerry.L, Sweetch (MAJORIG))
1st Yebin 343 4th place
2nd Heejin
3rd Dan-A
4th Yeoeun
5th Hyosun
6th Kim
7th Viva
4 Green "Sweet" (달콤해)
(Maxx Song, Damon Sharpe, Jimmy Burney, Melanie Fontana, Jamil Chammas)
1st ZN 355 3rd place
2nd Anne
3rd Euna Kim
4th Woohee
5th Lee Suji
6th Nari
5 White "Always"
(Sophia Pae, Simon Janlöv)
1st NC.A 377 1st place
2nd Shin Jihoon
3rd Jiwon
4th Yujeong (Laboum)
5th Lee Hyunjoo
6th Lee Juhyeon
7th Serri

Final Mission: Final Stage Battle[edit]

The remaining contestants after the 3rd Voting Announcement will form 2 teams of 9 for each gender, through random picking of 1 of the 2 newly produced songs for each gender.

Uni+ G (Episode 14)[edit]

Team Song
White "Ting"
(Wonderkid, Sinkoong, Dalli, Song Ho-jin)
Semmi (Leader), Somyi (Center), Lee Suji, Jiwon, Euna Kim, Yang Jiwon, Lee Hyunjoo, ZN, Dan-A
Red "You & I"
(Duble Sidekick, Bull$Eye, real-fantasy, YOSKE)
Euijin (Leader), Woohee (Center), Yebin, NC.A, Yoonjo, Yeoeun, Shin Jihoon, Chahee, Lee Borim

Uni+ B (Episode 14)[edit]

Team Song
Blue "Dancing With The Devil"
(Command Freaks, Joo Chan-yang, Gabriel Brandes)
Rockhyun (Leader and Center), Jun (U-Kiss), Kim Timoteo, Ji Hansol, Donghyun, Seyong, Jeup, Hangyul, Suwoong
Black "Pull Me In" (끌어줘)
(Duble Sidekick, EastWest, Bull$Eye, Design88)
Euijin (Leader), Daewon (Center), Go Hojung, Feeldog, Kijoong, Dongmyeong, Chan, Marco, Lee Geon


THE UNI+ 마이턴 (My turn)[edit]

"마이턴 (My turn)"
Single by THE UNI+
ReleasedOctober 13, 2017 (2017-10-13)
  • 다 즐거운 사람들 (All the happy people)
  • Interpark
Producer(s)Black Edition
1."마이턴 (My Turn)"
  • Black Edition
  • Yanggaeng
The UNI+3:33

THE UNI+ 빛 (Last One)[edit]

"빛 (Last One)"
Single by THE UNI+
ReleasedOctober 20, 2017 (2017-10-20)
  • 다 즐거운 사람들 (All the happy people)
  • Interpark
  • Seo Jae-woo
  • Zerozine
  • Kim Dong-ha
  • Seo Jae-woo
  • Zerozine
1."빛 (Last One)"
  • Seo Jae-woo
  • Zerozine
  • Kim Dong-ha
  • Seo Jae-woo
  • Zerozine
Uni+ B4:11

THE UNI+ Shine[edit]

Single by THE UNI+
ReleasedOctober 27, 2017 (2017-10-27)
  • 다 즐거운 사람들 (All the happy people)
  • Interpark
  • Kim Seung-soo
  • Tobirush
  • Kim Seung-soo
  • Tobirush
  • Kim Seung-soo
  • Kim Seung-soo
  • Tobirush
Uni+ G3:25

The UNI+ B Step 1[edit]

1."All Day"
  • Roydo
  • BreadBeat
  • Wonderkid
  • Roydo
  • BreadBeat
Handsome Boys (훈남쓰)3:33
  • Choi Hyun-jun
  • Park Seul-gi
  • Ungjae
  • Jungha
  • Choi Hyun-jun
  • Park Seul-gi
K.B.S (Korean Boys Stars)3:29
3."내꺼 (You're Mine)"
Pick A Green (초록픽하나; Chorokpikhana)3:12
4."My Story"
  • mia
  • Kim Tae-sung
  • Heedo
  • Gabriel Brandes
  • Naoto Okabe
  • Daniel Rothmann
Unit Ranger (유닛레인저)3:13
5."No Way"
  • Seo Jae-woo
  • BreadBeat
Red Is Strong (빨강하다)3:19

The UNI+ G Step 1[edit]

  • Choi Hee-jae
  • Sophia Pae
  • Simon Janlöv
  • Woodz
Blooming (블루밍)3:26
2."Cherry On Top"
  • Midnight
10:45 (10시 45분)2:57
3."달콤해 (Sweet)"
  • Kim Tae-sung
Too Charming (투챠밍)3:07
  • Jerry.L
  • Sweetch (MAJORIG)
  • Jerry.L
  • Sweetch (MAJORIG)
Red Band Girls (홍단소녀)3:22
5."Poco a Poco"
  • Duble Sidekick
  • Bull$Eye
  • Song Ho-il
Nine Girls (아홉소녀들)2:59

The UNI+ Final[edit]

1."끌어줘 (Raise Me Up)"
  • Duble Sidekick
  • EastWest
  • Bull$Eye
  • Design88
  • Duble Sidekick
  • 237
High Five (하이파이브)3:26
2."Dancing With The Devil"
  • Hi-Graphy (Iconic Sounds)
  • Command Freaks
  • Joo Chan-yang
  • Gabriel Brandes
  • Allison Kaplan
Unit Plus (유닛플러스)3:21
  • Wonderkid
  • Sinkoong
  • Dalli
  • Song Ho-jin
  • Dalli
  • Sinkoong
  • Wonderkid
Tinkling (팅클링)3:16
4."You & I (내가 하고싶은 말은) (What I Want To Say)"
  • Duble Sidekick
  • Bull$Eye
  • real-fantasy
  • Duble Sidekick
  • Bull$Eye
  • real-fantasy
To You To Me (니하고내하고)3:19
  • Sweetch (MAJORIG)
  • Jerry.L
  • Sweetch (MAJORIG)
  • Jerry.L
THE UNI+3:33


In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will be in red, and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue each year.

Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share (Nationwide)
TNmS[10] AGB Nielsen[11]
1 October 28, 2017 5.3% 5.0%
2 5.2% 6.2%
3 November 4, 2017 5.3% 4.7%
4 5.5% 5.2%
5 November 11, 2017 4.7% 4.1%
6 3.9% 3.6%
7 November 18, 2017 4.4% 3.9%
8 4.2% 4.5%
9 November 25, 2017 2.9% 3.5%
10 3.6% 4.2%
11 December 2, 2017 2.6% 2.9%
12 2.6% 3.1%
13 December 9, 2017 2.8% 2.8%
14 2.3% 2.7%
15 December 16, 2017 2.0% 2.3%
16 2.4% 2.3%
17 December 23, 2017 2.1% 2.5%
18 2.0% 2.6%
19 January 6, 2018 2.6% 2.0%
20 2.7% 2.5%
21 January 13, 2018 2.1% 2.2%
22 1.9% 2.3%
23 January 20, 2018 2.2% 2.1%
24 1.9% 2.8%
25 February 3, 2018 1.7% 2.2%
26 1.6% 2.0%
27 February 10, 2018 3.5% 2.6%
28 3.5% 2.2%
Average 3.1% 3.2%
Special 1 February 18, 2018 2.0% 1.7%
Special 2 February 24, 2018

After The Unit[edit]

  • A fan-meeting for UNB and UNI.T was held at Blue Square iMarket Hall on March 3, 2018.[12]
  • UNB debuted with their first EP Boyhood with the lead single "Feeling" on April 7, 2018.[13] They followed up with a comeback through the mini album "Black Heart" on June 28. The title track "Black Heart" features former The Unit contestants Jungha (formerly of Beatwin), Anne (of S.I.S) and Hangyul (of IM), together with DIA member Jueun as back-up performers.[14]
  • UNI.T debuted with their first EP Line with "No More" as its lead single on May 18, 2018.[15] The group pre-released the single "Begin With the End" on September 15, before releasing their second and final mini album "Begin With The End", with the title track "I Mean" on September 18.[16] ZN will not be involved in this comeback due to Japanese promotions with her group Laboum. On October 12, 2018 the group performed "I Mean" and "Begin With The End" for the last time at Music Bank and later on the same day they held their last fan-meeting as a group, after which they have disbanded.[17][18]
Other contestants
  • Soya returned as a soloist with the single "Show" on January 31, 2018. She released another single "Oasis" on April 18, 2018. With B.I.G member and fellow former The Unit contestant Heedo as featuring, she released a single titled Y-shirt (Deep Inside) on July 31, 2018.
  • Kang Min-hee returned as a soloist on February 14, 2018, with the single "Toddle".[19]
  • Lena participated in Produce 101 China.[20]
  • Seol Ha-yoon returned as a trot singer with a cover of LPG's "Ring My Heart" on April 13, 2018.[21]
  • Jeup, Taeho, Jian and Ungjae returned to Imfact with the single "The Light" on April 17, 2018.
  • Sangil, Suhyun and Sebin returned to Snuper with the EP Blossom on April 24, 2018.
  • Kanto returned as a soloist on May 15, 2018 with the EP Repetition.[22]
  • Euna Kim debuted in duo KHAN with former The Ark member Jeon Min-ju on May 23, 2018 with the single "I'm Your Girl?".[23]
  • Yena returned to G-reyish with the single "Remind" on May 24, 2018.
  • Junghoon and Kyeongha returned to TST with the single "Love Story" on May 25, 2018. However, on June 11, it was announced that Kyeongha left the group due to him being found guilty of sexual assault.[24]
  • Jun returned to A.C.E with the single "Take Me Higher" on June 8, 2018.
  • Yeoeun, Yoomin and Chahee returned to Melody Day with the single "Restless" on June 29, 2018. Unfortunately the group officially disbanded on December 26, 2018.
  • Current UNB member Ji Hansol debuted as a member of Newkidd with the single "Shooting Star" on July 25, 2018.
  • Rockhyun returned to 100% with the single "Grand Bleu" on July 26, 2018. This is also the group's first single since the death of leader Seo Min-woo, who also auditioned for the show but failed to receive any boots.
  • Taro returned to H.B.Y and together with fellow H.B.Y members Jisan and Kyuhyuck, they formed a sub-unit of the group "H.B.Y (TaJiHyuck)". They released the single "Waiting" on July 26, 2018.
  • Yujeong and Haein, together with current UNI.T member ZN, returned to Laboum with the single album "Between Us" on July 27, 2018.
  • Somyi, together with current UNI.T member Yebin, returned to DIA with the mini album "Summer Ade" on August 9, 2018.
  • Lex, together with current UNB member Euijin, returned to Bigflo with "Upside Down" on August 18, 2018, but promoted the song a week before its release.
  • Lee Ju-hyeon participated in KBS dance survival show "Dancing High". She will debut with girl group Lightsum in June 2021.
  • The band MAS was revealed to re-debut under the new band name ONEWE.[25] They made their official re-debut with their single "Reminisce About All" on May 13, 2019.[26]
  • After UNI.T disbanded, NC.A released "I'm Fine" on October 13, 2018.
  • Timoteo and current UNB member Go Ho-jung, returned to Hotshot (band) and the group released a mini album "Early Flowering" on November 15, 2018.
  • It was announced that Casper will participate in Idol Producer Season 2 but he left the show after the first episode.
  • Hangyul participated in Produce X 101 and became a member of winning group X1. He became a member of BAE173 after X1's disbandment.
  • Yuji, Sandy and Haeun returned to APPLE.B but the group has disbanded. Sandy left her company, while Yuji and Haeun re-debuted with 3YE on May 21, 2019 with the single "DMT (Do Ma Thang)".
  • Good Day has disbanded. Chaseol, Jiwon, Viva and Lucky re-debuted with Cignature on February 4, 2020 with the single "Nun Nu Nan Na". Genie re-debuted with Redsquare on May 19, 2020 with the single album "Prequel".
  • Yujeong & Eunji returned to Brave Girls with the release of the digital single "We Ride" on August 14, 2020. The group got sudden fame after their song "Rollin" became viral in 2021. The group got their first win on March 14, 2021 with "Rollin".
  • Tae.E has re-debuted with girl group Lunarsolar on September 2, 2020 with the single "Oh Ya Ya Ya", under the new stage name Jian.


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